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6 December 2016

Christmas Party Blowdrys and Hair-up

Example Text Promotions

“It’s Party Time! Take advantage of our 30 minute Express Hair-up for your Christmas parties. Just £20 book now on 01234 567890”
“Stand out from the crowd and sparkle with our 30 minute express blow-dry service for £20 this Christmas. Call now 01234 567890”

Office Christmas Parties will soon be in full swing. There is nothing better than not having to worry about your hair or nails before a night out, right? Not everyone knows that hair salons provide hair up services without a cut and blow-dry. This could be a great opportunity to show off your stylists creative hair up skills with an express Christmas party package. Why not offer a 30 minute dry styling appointment? If you offer beauty appointments as well, include a 20 minute file and paint appointment, this could be a reduced package promotion to fill those smaller gaps you still have available. Like any event or promotion it will not be successful unless you shout about it! Target your social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Or how about an email offering your Christmas party package with a ‘Book Online’ button directing clients straight to your online bookings page? The biggest impact will be getting your team behind it, it’s a perfect up-selling service for Christmas. Everyone that sees you in November can be seeing you in December too. If you have great success, then carry it on through the New Year for all those our seeing the New Year in.

Last Minute Appointments

“Don’t leave it too late. Still time to look and feel Fab for Christmas. Secure your appointment today call 01234 56789”
“Remember to book your hair appointment for Christmas. Call today 01234 567 89”

There’s still time to reach out to all those last minute clients that have not yet got their Christmas and New Year appointments in the diary. Send out an SMS blast using Salon iQ’s filter on the client selection area, target those that have been to the salon in the last 3-6 months – you’ll be surprised just how many, leave it to the very last minute through the Christmas rush. Have weekly reviews using a briefing sheet or 121 form with each of your team members, these are a great way to ensure your team are aware of any events, weekly promotions or upgrade opportunities that are available for the coming week.

Gift cards

Gift Cards, Gift vouchers, Gift coupons whatever you call them they are great for your business, especially at Christmas. here’s why:

  • They generate new business
  • Entices clients back to your salon
  • Studies have shown 61% of gift cards users spend more than the gift card amount
  • 6% – 10% of gift cards are sold but not redeemed

Every year there are thousands of last minute shoppers, running around looking for perfect Christmas gifts. Say goodbye to vouchers on pieces of paper and hello to professional gift cards, with personalised backing and barcodes, making it easy for you to track. We have used and recommend e-printing – they produce professional business size gift cards, allowing you to add your own imagery and text at an affordable price ->  

Tips to Make the Most from Christmas Merchandising

  • Ensure your Christmas gift display is topped up and packed full of all the goodies you have to offer.
  • Eye Level – Have your main gifts at eye level and within easy reach, anything too low to the floor or above head height will not be seen.
  • Keep it Simple – Try not to squeeze too much on, it can become a bit overwhelming if you try to display every gift you have on one shelf.
  • Signage / Pricing – Let the words do some of the selling – gift information tags and small, discreet pricing labels can answer the buyers questions without them needing to find a member of staff.
  • Cleanliness – dust, sticky labels and dented boxes are not a good look and will put shoppers off straight away
  • Balancing Pyramids – Don’t make the display a balancing act or a tall pyramid of boxes stacked on top of one another, no-one will want to touch a product in the fear they will ruin the whole display or worse still knock it all over.
  • Remember those stocking fillers and impulse buys; Tangle Teezers, brushes , electrical items etc.


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