26 January 2018



Join Salon iQ Software Live Webinar 

We have some very exciting news here at Salon iQ. We have 3 days until we launch our very first LIVE WEBINAR -YAY!


The team at Salon iQ are continuously getting together and working hard to find the best way of delivering 5* education to you. We feel a live webinar held every 2 weeks in the comfort of your own salon will help you the Salon Owner / Manager to make the most of Salon software.

Please see below the first 6 months of this years scheduled webinars.

All webinars will start at 9:30am and will be for approximately 30 – 40 minutes unless otherwise stated closer to the time.


Monday 29th January – Client Selections

Monday 5th February – Email Manager

Monday 19th February – GAS

Monday 5th March – Guest Journey and Retention

Monday 19th March – Bulk Update & Stock Dashboard

Monday 9th April – Team & Stock Dashboards

Monday 23rd April – Reports

Monday 21st May – Online Bookings & Booking Widget

Keep a close eye on our social media platforms to ensure you don’t miss them. We will also send an email out to all our Salon iQ users one week before to confirm the date, time and a brief detail of the webinar.

Please note there are limited spaces available with live questions and answers at the end.

We can’t wait to see you there,

Salon iQ

01892 280123 ____________________________________________________________________

Salon iQ Client Selections Webinar 29.01.2018

Our first webinar was a huge success and thank everyone who was able to join us. 

What we discussed in the webinar today:

  • How to find client selections on Salon iQ
  • How to use the filters
  • Breaking down the clients to ensure your final client selections is 100% targetted to the right people
  • How to view how many email addresses you have on your database
  • How to choose SMS or Email when contacting your clients
  • The difference between ‘New Template’ and ‘New Blank’
  • Email Manager (briefly touched on – as the next Webinar will be on this)

Client Selections really is simple and a great salon business tool to use on a regular basis.

As we have said before, selecting the right clients when sending your emails is key and really will make a difference to the results you get back from your SMS and e-blasts.

Even if you do not have any mail outs or SMS blasts planned, still take 30 minutes or so choosing certain filters to check the client count. You will be surprised at the results.

Salon iQ Chat Feed from the Webinar

Q: Database question how do we clean up clients that haven’t been for a really long time and how to merge duplicate clients?

A: Great question! I recommend using ‘Client Archiving’ (Main Menu > Settings > Global Settings) this will automatically archive clients who have not returned to the salon in 12 months for example. This will help clear up your database of non-returning clients.

To merge duplicate clients, go to the client screen and select either ’email duplicates’ or ‘mobile duplicates’ from the pull down box. This will load all clients with duplicate details.

Tick merge, tick base client and merge button along the top to merge. This will then merge the two client cards into one.

Q: We are a new salon. What’s the cut off where emails are more cost effective than texts?

A: A general rule of thumb is statistically more people will read an SMS than an Email – I would use SMS to contact lost clients, and use Emails to for News Letters & Promotions.

Don’t forget the next webinar on Monday 5th February will be focused on Email blasts and the benefits of using it.

Q: How long can your text messages be?

A: A standard SMS message is 160 characters, this is charged at 7p. Once you go above 160 characters it will be charged for every additional 160 characters you use for example: 160 characters = 7p 320 characters = 14p

Q: Email or text? What’s better?

A: This is very subjective, both work very well in different ways, however statistically more people read an SMS than an Email. It also depends on which client information you have more of

If you have any questions at all on this area of Salon iQ please do not hesitate to contact our support team 01892 280123

Thank you all so much for joining us.

Remember we have our next live webinar scheduled for Monday 5th February @ 9:30am on Email Manager – we will be sending you out reminders one week before the day.

Happy a great week.

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