Monitoring Salon Team Performance Using Salon Software

20 April 2021

This article explains the benefits of salon software that can be used to monitor your salon team’s performance. This software helps you see in concrete data where your team is functioning well and what needs to be improved.

Knowing your numbers is key in any business, managing your salon’s team performance is even more important when your main revenue streams come directly through each of your team members.

Inputting sales numbers into an excel spreadsheet makes it possible to run various tables and graphs. However, this is very time consuming and keeping them up to date can be a big task. It is time to put this kind of manual analysis well behind you.

You will no doubt want to monitor a number of key areas for growth within your business, such as service and retail sales as well as KPI’s (Key performance indicators). These KPI’s can come in many forms in the hair and beauty industry, some of them are listed below:

  • Re-booking %
  • Care factor
  • Average frequency
  • Retail sales
  • Service sales
  • Colour %
  • Treatments

Remember, what you focus on grows! 

Benefits of using software to monitor salon team performance

Salon software makes running your business far more efficient and effective. Benefits include:

  • Salon software will help you keep on top of your numbers in key areas of your salon;
  • The software allows you to see a forecast of your salon’s future performance so you can plan effectively;
  • Your salon can use this software to view your top services and retail products, allowing you to adjust your focus to weaker areas;
  • Your business will be able to set realistic KPI’s for your team to encourage growth;
  • This software will allow you to use your KPI’s in team reviews with easy-to-understand graphs; and
  • Schedule key reports to your inbox automatically when you want them.

Once you have transferred to using salon software to monitor your team’s performance, you will not look back. Pulling relevant statistics from your salon software with a click of a button takes just seconds compared to filtering and setting cells correctly in an excel spreadsheet.

Once installed, your salon software will also give you the option to save, email and export each report you use. This makes it far easier to communicate how the business is performing to the rest of your team.

I’m not sure about you, but seeing a group of numbers can sometimes feel meaningless, graphs and bar charts on the other hand can help you visualise your data in a different way. Plotting averages and totals on a graph allows you to see growth or declining performance at a quick glance.


Salon Team Performance

Text messages

When your team have a number of different goals and targets to keep a close eye on, it can often feel a little overwhelming. Some salon software has the ability to send text messages to your team at the end of each day, week or month letting them know how close they are to their targets.

This can act as motivation to help your team members make that final push to ensure they reach their targets and then potentially receive a bonus, commission or another incentive. Once your team becomes used to receiving these messages, they will end up looking forward to them, to see how they are getting on.

Team Dashboards

Another great way for your team to keep a close eye on their progress is via a team dashboard. This area offers a whole host of invaluable information, which can be available each time they log into SalonIQ.

It is important for your salon software to give you the flexibility to change the date ranges from daily, weekly, monthly and 4 weekly or even customise your dates to suit.

You will be surprised at how often your team looks at this each day. Having a concrete target to aim for, will give your staff something to focus on. When your team members view their diary, they can see how busy they are and then work out what they need to do to reach their goals.

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