What Can I do to Prevent my Staff from Burning Out?

21 April 2017

Staff Motivation

So you have noticed that certain salon team members seem more than a little demotivated when at work or are struggling to give there best in the salon?

No matter the size of your business big or small having a highly motivated team with drive and ambition plays a big part in the success of your salon business.

Have they burnt out?

There are key signs to look out for to notice when this is happening and they are not giving 110% like they have done before. Maybe their passion for the job has disappeared? They now don’t appear to be enjoying the treatments they do on their guests? And have generally lost the ‘wow’ factor overall?

There are many factors that can contribute towards staff burning out it’s finding out what it is that can be the hard part:
– They could feel a lack of management support
– Little to not team building activities
– Lack of training or refresher workshops
– Not taking part in decision making
– Lack of feedback or appraisals

There are many ways you can bring this back without having to give them a grilling in their next 121

Remind your stylist/therapist why they chose the profession in the first place, a lot of the time we can get a bit stuck in a rut, feeling like we are doing the same thing day in day out with not much change or challenge to break it all up.

Perhaps they would like to go on a workshop to refresh or develop their skills or just to gain some motivation about the industry again.

In between massages or applying full head of highlights get your team to do a couple of stretches and deep breathing exercises to calm the mind. It could be something as simple as the team member stretching before they start treatments particularly when they have a number of lengthy treatments to do in one day.

Take them out for a coffee with no huge intention to talk about any particular topic, you could keep it on or off work if you wanted to. This allows each team member to see you in a different environment and know that you are there to support them through quiet and busy periods.

Having a group of people working in your salon makes a huge impact on a highy succesful business. The bottom line is you pay a heavy price for staff motivation issues.


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