Automated Salon Marketing

5 June 2015

Salon Software and Salon Marketing

This is a huge topic and probably the most exciting when it comes to salon software and salon technology. If you have a salon computer system and input all your client details, you will suddenly be able to communicate to clients via email, text and direct mail.

Salon Marketing is vitally important and salons need a clear strategy.

New Clients –

Referrals – The best way to get new clients for your salon, is from recommendations and referrals. Yon need a client referral system, the best ones are normally the simplest e.g.if a client recommend someone the new client and the client doing the recommendation both get a discount.

Internet -You need a good website and facebook fan page. A word of warning, you get what you pay for, find someone who is reliable and will show you how to maintain your website and facebook page. A good idea is always to find someone who does it well and emulate them. Be warned though you can waste a lot of money if you select the wrong one and although you may feel you have got a deal, it probably will not deliver the result you are looking for. We are happy to recommend and as two companies that really know their stuff in this field. They will be able to advise you on things like content, google adwords, measuring and monitoring your web traffic.

Shop window – If you are lucky to have a good walk by location your shop window and Aboard need to work for you.

Research Evening and Client Soirees – Putting on special events is a great way to get new clients and have some fun e.g. hair parties – Have one of your regular clients or a local business bring half a dozen guests and enjoy a fun evening.

Other – Yes you can run adverts, build company relationships but in my view adverts rarely represent good value, and uless you have a coupon for them to bring in they are hard to measure. And ‘Brand’ advertising is a total waste of time unless you just want to massage your own ego.

Existing Clients

This is where the fun starts, and this is where you probably wish you spent more time looking at how this works in the salon software that you might be using. Because if it isn’t easy and it isn’t automated, the likelihood is that you won’t do it. This is one of the areas Salon-iQ really comes into its own. Part of the design for the salon software was to make salon marketing easy and automated. We want to keep the salon’s name and message in front of their clients, so they become the first choice for that client. Here is a list of some (not all) the automated marketing that you can do.

  • Automated email confirming appointment time
  • Automated text 48 hours before clients appointment
  • Automated text if client fails to show for appointment
  • Automated “thank you” text to all new clients
  • Automated new client survey sent day after visit
  • Automated “thank you” text when a client recommend a new person
  • Automated Text if the client hasn’t rebooked after 6 weeks
  • Automated Text if client hasn’t rebooked after 12 weeks
  • Automated lost client email, when a client doesn’t return after 6 months
  • Automated lost client email, when a client doesn’t return after 12 months.
  • Automated Birthday Card

You get the point. you are constantly in communication with our clients. What we try and do at Salon-iQ is to stop your leaky bucket. We will never replace good service. But good salon software can give you multiple chances at winning over a client. So even if you messed up on a visit, they are more likely to try you again if your salon software is communicating and encouraging them to return.

Don’t forget a loyal client is worth a significant amount to your salon (say 6 visits per year, average bill £40 that’s £240/year!!)

Not all salon software is the same when it comes to marketing, especially older systems that were invented before the internet and texting was as big as it was today. They may have added the functionality to their systems but more as an afterthought. Salon-iQ salon software had salon marketing, texting, emailing as part of the design brief. That is why we believe Salon-iQ salon marketing is the simply the best on the market. For further details contact

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