Effective Christmas Merchandising In Your Salon

1 November 2017

Effective Christmas Merchandising In Your Salon

Merchandising effectively can be the make or break of increasing your christmas retail sales in your salon.

Colours Everywhere With us all creative everyday of our woking lives we all know the power of colour. So it’s important to remember how important colour is when reading your displays.

You want a theme flowing through but you also need to have a pop of colour, something that stands out which leads us onto…

Vocal Point is Key With an abundance of Christmas stock available and lined up, you want to get it all out at once, but at times this can be overwhelming to your clients.

Where do they look first? Does it all blend into one big display? Can your clients see each individual gift set you have available to them?

Make sure you view your displays from a client point of view not just from a business perspective.

Using props is a great way of giving your displays some interest, but be sure to not let them over take what you are actually trying to sell. So for example if you have the ultimate hair or beauty pamper sets, make sure it’s the sets that stand out

Story Telling Time Why should they buy that gift set from you?
Your clients need firstly know why they should buy it and how it will benefit them.
Avoid writing long sentences or paragraphs, just use 2 or 3 bullet points with the benefits.

Pricing is also key, not everyone will feel confident enough to ask the price of your products, though it is still important to keep this fairly discreet and avoid sticking the pricing labels over the product title, or the directions of using the product.

Space, Space, Space You need to look at your retail area with fresh eyes. Seeing the same area everyday we rarely actually see the area for what it is.

If you have furniture or tables for your displays, why not completely clear the space and re-look at it.

Why not play with textures with the space you have, you could use giant ball balls or 3D stars to fill the space at different heights.

Your Suppliers – Use them Your suppliers will have had training and advise given to them on how to display and maximise the space you have within your salon to ensure your sales are higher throughout the festive period.
If you are having difficult making your gift sets stand out, remember to contact your supplier as soon as possible. Get a date in the diary with each supplier and plan all of your stock.

What we have to keep in mind is that our suppliers and reps are busy this time of the year, so if they are unable to get to you for a few weeks, get creative with your team and send photo’s and get tips from them to help improve it.

In short: – Always have your clients in mind and think of what they will be looking for.
– Have a plan – decide on what you want to display and remove anything else that you don’t.
– The majority of hair and beauty salons have big windows – so make the most of them and catch the eye of all this potential customers – they may not be coming in to your salon for an appointment but they can certainly still purchase Christmas gifts from you.

Remember your aim for visual merchandising is to maximise sales not to have the prettiest display in your town.

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