Why avoid salon software contracts

5 June 2015

Beware salon software small print.

Some things you only learn through experience. Reading the small print on your salon software contracts is one of them. Hidden in pages of legal speak terms and conditions,that if you read them there is no way a sensible salon owner would sign them. For example here are my favourite worst contrat terms:

  • Long 3 or 5 Year contracts – where is the benefit to the salon owner. Quite simply there isn’t any. The cons – you are stuck with the software for the term whether you like it or not, whether the software company delivers good software or bad software, good support or bad support. Try and get out of it and you have to pay the whole term. Personally I would never sign a salon software support contract again. The only winner is the software company who lock you in.
  • Automatic renewals – Why? Again because the salon software company knows that most salon owners aren’t the best at admin. So let’s keep on rolling the contract, putting our prices up and lock them in. Miss the cancellation by a day, and suddenly they have you locked in for another year.
  • Fail to cancel within 90days  of end of initial term and you commit to another term. It is clear that salon software companies that put these sorts of terms in their contracts want one thing, TO MAKE IT VERY DIFFICULT TO CHANGE.
  • Automatic annual price increases – So you have signed your contract, did you know that it allows them to give you an annual  a price increase. So at the end of the five years it costs you substantially more than the original price.
  • Software Upgrades so you get a nice flyer in the post saying upgrade to the latest version (regardless or not whether you were told that upgrades were included) So you sign the nice flyer and send it back. DO NOT DO THIS!!! If you do you will have just agreed to another 5 year term.

These are just some of the tricks and clauses you will find from some of the UK’s salon software companies. They lock you in and take away your freedom to change.

At Intelligent Salon Software Ltd. we believe we are the best and want salons to choose our salon software because we are the the best salon software company, with the best salon software and the best support. And just like the clients that visit your salon and have the choice not to come back if they were not happy with the service, you have that same choice and right with us. This means we have no choice but to continue to strive to be the best salon software supplier around. So we keep your custom.

If you are tied into a contract or looking at new salon software and want to know what your options are. Call David at Salon Intelligence today on 0759 5023358. or email help@intelligentsalonsoftware.com

It’s time to demand more!

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