Switching Salon Software – How easy is it?

1 November 2018

How to get ready for switching your salon system to SalonIQ

Great news, you have decided to switch from your existing salon software to SalonIQ, you would be forgiven for thinking it is your data so it will be easy. No data migration is ever 100%, some systems are easier to migrate than others. With some suppliers however, it is becoming increasingly difficult. In this era of choice it is disappointing that some suppliers appear to be deliberatly making  it more difficult. Rather than helping salon owners, in my opinion they are effectively punishing and even potentially damaging a salons business. The two main issues are;

Check your Contract and the Small Print 

Some of the UK’s Salon suppliers have quite frankly (in my opinion) onerous and unfair contracts, salons can often find themselves (unknowingly) locked in to long 5 year contracts and even if they are not, cancelling a contract is not straightforward with contracts that automatically renew if you haven’t given enough notice. Leave prematurely and salons can find themselves with large demands or worse still being taken to court.

Your Data

Another tactic with some suppliers is to encrypt your data, so effectively you can not easily transfer clients or appointments. Data encryption generally is a good thing assuming you the salon owner have the tools to export the data in a machine readible and friendly format. But some suppliers make this very difficult, impossible or charge you for the previlledge. So even if you hate your existing salon software or supplier you may end up at their mercy unless you are prepared to pay. Held at ransom by any other name SalonIQ have converted literally 100’s of salons and salon groups from existing salon systems to SalonIQ.

If you are interested to know what we can or can’t transfer from your existing supplier please contact us and we can go through how to plan for a successful salon software migration. Below are just some of the salons that we have migrated  
And even if you are not planning on switching  to SalonIQ, whoever you choose for your next salon software supplier we strongly recommend you establish their policy regarding data (in writing) if you want to switch your supplier in the future – and if I were you avoid any long term contracts, it just should not be necessary in this current day and age. SalonIQ – working for you the Salon Owner.

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