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31 January 2017

Hiring and firing is the easy bit, right? It’s getting the CV’s through the door that is the hard part.

Recruitment for the hair and beauty industry always seems a bit of a struggle and never clear cut on where to go and what to do to ensure you have the best team working in your salon. The home grown stylist’s and therapists will always be the best, but with times changing, we need to change our approach to recruitment. Instead of waiting for the CV’s to come through on Indeed, why not reach out to the hundreds of CV’s that have been uploaded on the site. We have put hours of research into this area, along with trials being tested as we speak to see what produces results and what doesn’t. In recent years it has become much harder to recruit the best team for your salon business. We are all looking for the same thing, that perfect, highly skilled team player. What is your salon recruitment plan? How will you seek new employees this year to create the best team?

Same Actions = Same Results.

Salon owners need to think outside the box and reach for something new so potential candidates choose your salon business and not the salon next door. Put yourself in the candidates eyes, what do they think when they see a recruitment advert for your salon?

“What that salon…definitely not?”

It’s all about your brand, your image, the reputation that you already have or still currently building. Do they want a piece of what you have to offer them? There are many online recruitment agencies and offline platforms out there to advertise and recruit on, but without the brand in place “your image”, candidates will not come forward to work for you. It doesn’t matter where you choose to advertise or how much money you throw at it. If you do not have a great brand/reputation, no amount of money or advertising will have you see a pile of CV’s on your desk.

Use your Salon iQ data base…

Reach out to your salon guests via email, the majority know someone that is a stylist or therapist looking for a new career path or their next venture. A small incentive to your guest for recommending a potential candidate to the salon could see you receive a pile of CV’s on your desk…give it ago, what do you have to lose? CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WHOLE ADVERT

When you have your brand, here are some recruitment platforms you could approach that will get you a wide variety of publicity at a low cost.

Advertising here will get you an ad on 6 of the well known recruitment sites – Indeed, LinkedIn, TotalJobs, Monster, jobsite, and CareerBuilder. At time of writing they have 3 clearly priced packages starting from as little as £99 + VAT. Who isn’t on Facebook theses days? But a lot of speculation on whether this is the right avenue to take for recruitment. This is currently in a trial period with GREAT hairdressing Group, so get real life, current results. We are running a recruitment post, carefully worded with imagery, for 1 month, boosting this post for a period of 2 weeks. We are repeating this prices for a second and third month, so gain as much data on the success with recruiting on Facebook. Video – Online publicity via video. Live stream on Facebook, Instagram stories, they’re all grabbing hold of the video craze. Why not create short 20 second video clips with your top employees working, enjoying what they do with their guests? Video the salon atmosphere, showing work is professional yet fun in your salon? Crazy statistics for YouTube in 2016 being the 3rd most visited website in the world. – 300 hours of video is upload to you to EVERY MINUTE! – YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. – More than half of YouTube views come from mobile devices – Approximately 20% of people who start to watch a video, leave after the first 10 seconds. Would you like a tiny piece of that? (Source: Fortunatelords) Once you have your new team member, the next challenge is to integrate them with the team and your way of doing things…

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