Never Miss A Hair Salon Appointment Booking Again!

6 June 2017

Online Booking Widget Interaction

Never Miss a Salon Appointment Booking Online Again With The Latest Salon Software Widget from Salon iQ

Use the Online Booking Widget Interaction on the iQ hub NOW!

Never miss a booking online again…

The online booking interaction widget is an incredible tool created by Salon iQ.

This new function which is available now on the iQ hub enables you to view every potential client that has logged on, viewed, selected and gone through the process to book online.

The widget is broken down into 6 coloured segments:

Visited – number of clients visiting your website
Searched – number of clients looking for an appointment
Found – number of clients who have found an appointment they are looking for
Made choice – Selected an appointment
Booked – booked the appointment
Paid Deposit – paid a deposit for the appointment

You may notice the ‘Booked’ and ‘Paid Deposit’ segment figures do not match; this is because if a client has already got credit on their profile they will not be promoted to make a payment to continue with the online booking.

You can click on any of the coloured segments to view all those clients that have been looking at or trying to make a booking online. This is then broken down and gives you the option to select and contact the client. All details shown are from when the client registered at your online booking system.

Contacting clients who have not made an appointment online – As all clients are required to enter their email address and telephone at the time of registration you have all these details at hand.

Create an email template where you can contact all those that have selected an appointment but not yet made one, this may remind or prompt them to go ahead with the booking or even complete the booking with you via email or telephone.

Example of email:


Ooops, it didn’t go through!

Hello, We can see you were about to make an appointment with us online, we would love to see you.

Do you need some help?

Let us know if you would like us to call you and complete the booking?

Best Wishes

To use the online booking interaction widget, go to, click on the menu on the left hand side, click settings then click online booking widget, then click analytics.
Remember to alter the dates you wish to view at the top.

We would love to hear your feedback on this great new online tool.

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