Beauty Salons – 2018 in Numbers

30 January 2019

Beauty Salons 2018 in Numbers

Do you want an idea of where your salon is sitting compared to other beauty salons? The beauty industry is booming with more and more of us taking care of our skin and having a bit more ‘self care’ time. In this post we are looking at 5 areas from 2018; 1. Average service bill 2. Average retail bill 3. Average rebooking % 4. New client retention % 5. Internet booking %

1. Average Service Bill Lets firstly take a look at the average service bill for beauty salons. Beauty salons have a slight difference to hair salons given that hair salons show around £40 for their average service bill, where as beauty is coming in at an average of £34/£35. How can you increase your average service bill? A small increase across all your beauty services will show an instant increase. Or if you don’t fancy that why not get your therapists to focus on upgrades, with 10/15 minute gaps through out the day a simple eye brow shape or eye lash tint can easily add on an extra £10+ to the bill.                                                  

2. Average Retail Bill Some will be surprised at how low the average retail figure is. However we must remember all those clients that checkout without taking any products with them will bring the average retail bill right down. The average retail bill for beauty salons is showing slightly higher than hair salons, this could be for a number of reasons – one of them being that majority of beauty skin care products do have a higher RRP.                                                   

3. Online booking % So, it seems that clients are opting to book their beauty appointments online more than their hair appointments though only by a couple of percent. Do you have your top favourites beauty services displayed on your website? Or are you showing beauty services that aren’t really that popular? We can help with getting your top services in the right place on Salon iQ.                                                  

4. Average Rebooking % Average rebooking % isn’t bad, however it definitely has room for improvement. I find it’s getting the dialogue right when the client is paying their bill and leaving the salon. Or even when the therapist is just finishing off the treatment. If it’s a waxing appointment you could say something along the lines of “Your next waxing appointment will need to be in around 4/5 weeks depending on hair growth, that takes us to w/c 2nd March – can I get that booked in for you?” You are guiding the client to make their next appointment without them really having to think about dates and times. Remind them of your cancellation policy when they leave, as well as telling them to look out for the SMS reminder closer to the time.                                               

5. New Client Retention % The beauty new client retention is very similar when comparing to hair salons. This data tells us that we are keeping around half of the new clients that have an appointment in our salons.  Where do you stand with your new client retention? How do your figures compare to the industry average? Check your salon dashboard now and have a look.                                                       

These figures are all based on salons that are with Salon iQ for 2018.  How do your beauty salon figures compare? Are you above or below average? Remember there are many ways to adjust your figures by focusing on one key area at a time.

If you would like any help with these figures please email 

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