The Secrets Of A Successful Salon

15 June 2016

Running A Successful Hair Salon

You’re a great hairdresser who’s always busy.  You’re good with people and you have ambition.  Surely the next step is to open your own salon!  If you’re considering setting up a new salon, check out Salon-IQ’s top tips to help you make your hair salon a success…

Understand Your Market

If you’ve chosen your location for your hair salon, find out who your customers are likely to be before you open your doors.  A small village salon may find it has an older clientele, while a university town will be more diverse but with lots of students looking for a deal.

Get The Right Look For Your Hair Salon

Make sure your salon looks both inviting and professional.  Your décor should be clean, fresh and up to date.  It goes without saying that you’ll need to adhere to health and safety regulations, but it’s also important to keep it well maintained and clean.

Price Your Hair Services Correctly

Do your research when it comes to pricing your services.  Check out other salons in the area to see where they are pricing themselves in the market.  Staffing costs and overheads will need to be taken into consideration to help you price your services but beware… if you price your services too high you may alienate potential customers, while very low prices may devalue your business and result in little or no profit.

Watch Your Salon Customers

Once your salon is open, keep a close watch on your customers.  If you’re losing customers, something needs to change.  Check to see that you are offering an excellent service that gives value for money.

Make every customer feel valued by staying in touch with them and rewarding them for their loyalty.  To make life easier, why not send clients an automatic thank you text afters their first appointment, offering an incentive to encourage them back into your salon?  With Salon-IQ’s Guest Attraction System you can even encourage existing clients to refer a friend – all automated via text or email!

Run An Efficient Hair Salon

Help Clients To Book Appointments Online:  Salon appointment software is at the heart of any efficient and effective salon.  Salon-IQ offers an online appointment booking system that is quick, easy and simple to use and is desktop and mobile friendly.  The system is flexible and intuitive, holding all your key information regarding client appointments such as the date, time, service required and with which stylist.

Salon Appointment Booking Options at Salon-IQKeep Your Client Information Safe & Accessible:  Using the Salon-IQ system, client information can be quickly and easily stored so, at the click of a button, you can find your client’s colour and technical notes, skin test information, likes and dislikes.

Manage Stock: It’s important to manage and control your stock to maximise profits.  Salon-IQ’s Salon Stock Control System shows you how much stock you have left and when to re-order.   That way you can eliminate stock wastage and easily see which items are your best sellers.

Don’t Do It All Yourself

Employ a great team so you are not tempted to do everything yourself.  You need to devote your time to growing the business and making a profit, so make sure you have a trusted manager and a great team in place.   Add to that a great software system to make your life easier and you’ll soon be running a successful and profitable salon.

Gain The Trust Of Your Staff

Find the right balance between being the boss and getting to know your staff.

As the salon owner you need to gain the trust of your team.

Be friendly and attentive, make sure you communicate regularly with your team, and offer great incentives to encourage individuals to hit their targets.

For more information about Salon-IQ and what it can do for you and your business, call 0843 289 6095. 

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