How To Run Your Salon Efficiently

28 November 2017

How To Run Your Salon EfficientlyEverything is finally looking up – we’ve had a rocky year with stylists and therapists coming and going. Due to one reason or another they’ve not quite found their feet within the salon or they disappear without any warning because they want to try something new.

Let me tell you we are certainly not alien to trying different things and pushing our teams forward within their careers.

HOLD UP – things are looking and feeling too good and running too smoothly. 9 weeks before Christmas a beauty therapist leaves – we wish her all the best.

We recruit a lovely young therapist in record time, straight into intense training and – you guessed it 5 weeks before Christmas it’s just not working out, so she leaves and we wish her all the best as well.


After a brief melt down, our business heads are back on we push forward and dig deep. Searching for for our own motivation and drive to continue welcoming 400 guests through our doors every week, ensuring every single guest is pampered, well looked after and receives our 5* service that we deliver.

Little did each of our 19 staff know, we were actually in complete panic mode, however instead of crying for hours on end we found the funny side of it and ended up hysterically laughing at the situation (with a bottle in hand,of course)

So the moral of this post. Never give up. Take the rough with the smooth. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We have to simply put all this down to being part of our journey for 2017 and another story to tell later down the line. It will never happen at the right time!

This salon took a different approach which proved great results. You can view the run up to this by clicking here

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