What To Do When Your Top Stylist Leaves

11 November 2016

How To Win Back Clients When A Stylist Leaves Your Salon

salon software systems for busy hair salonsEvery hair and beauty salon has been there.  Your top stylist has a busy column with plenty of loyal clients.  All seems to be going well when suddenly they hand in their notice. Either they’ve been wooed to join another salon, or they are setting up on their own. What do you do?  Not only are you now short-staffed, you also need to do all you can to keep that stylist from taking his or her clients. Check out our top tips on what to do when one of your stylists leaves…  

1.  Contact the stylist’s clients straight away

Telephone the stylist’s clients to explain that their stylist is moving on.  Make them feel valued and recommend a new stylist to them, offering an introductory discount.  Your focus should be on the client.  Do not be tempted to criticise the stylist for leaving.

2.  Send a follow-up email or text to your clients

Follow up the phone call with a friendly text reminder or email.  You can automate these texts or emails using Salon-iQ’s user-friendly software system.

3.  Offer a tempting promotion to encourage clients to stay

It’s a big step for a client to move to another stylist, colour technician or beauty therapist so you’ll need to work hard to make them stay.  Offer an introductory offer so they can try out a new stylist and promise an in-salon treatment. There’s no harm in being persistent either – send out automated texts and emails using your Salon-iQ software system.  We all have busy lives so there is no harm in reminding them of the offer every now and then!

4. Make sure your team knows what to say to clients

It’s important to avoid idle gossip in your salon so make sure everyone understands exactly what their response should be when a client asks where the stylist is.  Your front of house team will be the first to talk to clients, face to face and over the phone, so make sure they have a script to help them handle clients who may be annoyed that their stylist has left.

5.  Keep your team happy

Consider why staff members leave. Were they discontented? Did they feel you were approachable?  Make sure your staff are happy, feel valued and know they are making a difference as part of a team.   Team events like a meal out or a fun day out can work wonders in bringing a team together.

6.  Stay in touch with new & ‘lost’ clients

Some of your clients will follow the stylist.  Do not despair as there is every chance they will return to your salon.  There are plenty of reasons why they might not like the new salon.  Maybe it is less inviting, too far away, too expensive, unfriendly… Continue communicating to all your clients, sending them monthly emails or text messages – all of which can be automated on the Salon-iQ software system in your salon. Want to know more about Salon-iQ?  Give them a call on 0333 332 1933 for more information.

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