Salon Software Marketing Campaign

12 November 2018

Salon Software Marketing Campaign

Effective marketing is about targeted relevant information. Make the most of Christmas 2018, turn your SalonIQ marketing machine on. Below outlines examples of great targeting marketing designed to make sure your Christmas is Great.

Example 1 – Targeted Campaigns

12/11 Make sure your best clients have their Christmas appointments booked. Text blast all clients that have had a cut and colour with you this year that have not booked an appointment. ‘Book early to ensure you get the appointment time you want to look and feel GREAT for Christmas. Call… To do the first campaign -> Look at your top spenders on Salon iQ… Go to -> Main menu -> Communications -> Client selections -> Click new from template and then select -> Top spenders in last 12 months. 19/11 Text blast, select your next tier clients – All non colour clients that have been in in last 12 months. ‘Book now to ensure you get the appointment time you want to look and feel GREAT for Christmas. Call…’ For our second campaign you will be looking at your second tier of clients, all non colour clients who you have not seen in the last 12 months… Go to Main menu -> Communications -> Client Selections -> Use 3 filters for this campaign, drag ‘Not Had Service’ filter select ‘all colour’ -> drag ‘Last Visit’ filter and select more than 12 month ago -> drag ‘No Future Bookings’ filter and select ‘All Services’ and All Time. 26/11 Text blast, All clients with no appointment but in this year. ‘Christmas party time is here – Spray Tans, Nails and beautiful hair, Remember we have you covered’.  To select the mentioned clients on Salon iQ go to Main menu -> Communications -> Client selections -> Select the ‘Had Service’ filter and select 01/01/2018 – 01/11/2018 -> Select the ‘No Future Bookings’ filter -> Click get Client count. 3/12 Text Blast to lapsed clients, not been in for 12-18 months no appointment.  ‘ Look and feel great this Christmas, book your hair or beauty appointment today to avoid missing out. 3/12 Email blast with Christmas wishes, opening times, and encourage booking for Christmas parties/Christmas and New Year 10/12 Text blast to all clients that came in 3-12 months ago and no future appointments.  ‘Not too late to look and feel Great this Christmas. Call today to secure your appointment.’ For this week – you will need to select 2/3 filters to get your client selections. Please see screenshot below to show these filters. This will target all those client that ave not been into the salon in the last 3-12 months.    All services filter: date range 11/12/2017 – 11/09/2018 Salon filter (If a salon group) No Future bookings flyer: All services / All time 17/12 Text Blast to clients with no appointments but came in 5-12 weeks ago and no future appointment ‘Quick, we’ve had some last minute cancellations, call us today to look great for Christmas.’ 20/12 Email Blast or Text Blast – Remember to look Fab for New Year and Book your blow dry. Blast everyone who has had a blow dry in last 12 months and no future appointments.  This may seem a lot, but it is very targeted so most clients will get a maximum of 2 texts and one email. and that is only if they haven’t booked.

Example 2: Quick and Easy  

If you want to keep it simple just plan 3 simple texts to all clients that came in in the last year without a future appointment with some variations of  ‘Remember to book now to ensure you get the appointment time you want to look and feel GREAT for Christmas look. Call…’

Why reach out to your clients?

A gentle reminder to your clients to get their appointments booked really is all it takes.  We have this campaign scheduled for our salons throughout the last 2 months of the year, results will be posted as we have them on this post and on our social media platforms. 

How do you select the right clients?

This can all be done easily on Salon iQ through client selections. For each campaign we will post on our social media platforms what fields to select to ensure you are selecting the right clients.  

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