Offering Unlimited Packages to Your Clients – Is this the Way Forward for Salons?

11 April 2017

Is this the way forward for salons to gain loyalty from their guests? This is something that is still fairly new to hair and beauty salons, but one that I am starting to notice more and more. We have salon groups offering CACI facials as a package, buy 10 and get 2 free. This is allowing for commitment from your guests into having 12 hours worth of facials over a period of a few months, gaining re-bookings, home care opportunities on each visit plus the all important loyalty of them coming to you and no-one else. Another I have seen from a beauty salon is offering unlimited hand file & paint packages at a set price, this is a 20 minute appointment for a file and paint nothing else. They can go to the salon as many times as they wish for 6 months. The salon owner has seen a good response to this so far.

Subscriptions / Packages

Blow-dry bars hit us a few years ago now, some salons seeing huge success while others not so. Eye brow bars have been popping up in the middle of shopping centres charging as little as £5 per eyebrow shape, it has certainly made the beauty industry step up. When one salon does something and sees great results, it’s not long until the whole town of salons hears about it and jumps on board to grab a piece of the action. One of these being a colour day promotion, a set price or set discount on a certain day of the week. A lot of salons do it because it works. However the down side to this is all your guests try to squeeze in on one day of the week, leaving 6 days with no colour appointments.

A new VIP Colour Club has recently stepped onto the market. Your guests purchase a VIP Colour Club which is valid for 12 months, this allows your guest to have a % off their colour any day of the week. There is an annual cost to have the VIP Colour Club. But appears to be a great idea and again from what I have heard is going well for the salon. The idea of these ‘subscriptions’ is to commit your guest to one salon and one salon only.

I’d love to know your thoughts on salon subscriptions…is this something you currently offer in your salon? Have you been thinking about this idea but haven’t yet taken the step to implement it?

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