New Salon software Versus old desktop software

4 July 2014

New Salon Software Salon-iQ versus i-salon software versus shortcuts versus Salon Genius vs other salon software

It is great for me to be back in the salon business. For me it is what I am passionate about. I have a simple goal, to develop the World’s Best Salon Software. I have been involved in the salon business for over 20 years, first with Computill and i-salon, which were my babies and which became the UK’s biggest salon system by far. And then as a salon owner owning my own group of salons in Kent (

I never left my technology roots though, and salon technology is what I enjoy (see and what I am best at. Our goal is to help YOU. Help you enjoy your salon business more and enjoy being a hairdresser, therapist or business owner. I also understand the dilemmas some of you have when considering new systems. So here are my views, and yes I am biased, but I also know what I am talking about.

Firstly, what I call the salon software dinosaurs i-salon, Shortcuts, Millennium Software, Salon Genius Salon Iris – basically any software that is over 10 years old and you have to install via a CD, or download an application on the Internet. My analogy is comparing the old mini to BMW’s Mini – both do the same thing get you from A to B (and personally for nostalgia I would prefer to have the old mini ) but two very different cars, the new Mini is more comfortable, more efficient, safer, faster, and reliable. These old salon software systems, are cumbersome because they are first generation Windows systems which have continually been added to. Often the tools that have been used to develop this programs are no longer supported by the likes of Microsoft. So running them on latest operating systems e.g. Windows 8 is not always that straightforward and can cause the software house considerable time and effort to keep the old system going.

Technology moves forward, we all know that and salon software is no different. The Future is Cloud salon software, so if you are considering investing in new salon software DON’T BUY A SYSTEM that still has to be installed on your own hard disk. Think about it the likes of i-salon and shortcuts have 1ooo’s of users each with a copy of the software running on a local hard disk. No wonder it is hard to support. Well then if the future of new salon software is cloud software. This narrows the field. But not all Cloud is the Same! I recently had a prospect who loved what I showed them with Salon-iQ but was offered another Cloud system free of charge for 45 days. Money being tight, and now knowing cloud software was the best way forward he trialled it. Disaster – not all cloud systems are created equal. Salon-iQ is our 5th generation of salon software, first it was Computill (DOS system for us oldies) Then we had our first Windows 3.1 Version, Then Windows 98, then i-salon and Windows XP, and now Cloud and Salon-iQ. We know how to make salon software that works. This, coupled with our real salon expertise makes Salon-iQ in a league of its own. Is it perfect? NO – there is loads more we need to do, for me to reach my goal of the Worlds best Salon Software, but the foundation is good and we know what we need to do.

So why not join the journey and the fun and contact me today to discuss how we can help take your salon business to the next level, with the best cloud salon software ever.

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