How To Grow Your Salon Business

23 June 2016

Top Tips To Building A Successful Salon Business

Do you dream of owning your own hair or beauty salon?  Maybe you already own a business but want to do better? With the right attitude, a great team and the best tools, you can start on the journey towards success.  Check out our top tips to help you grow and build a successful salon business.

Write A Robust Business Plan

Test your business idea by writing a comprehensive business plan.  You’ll need to think about every aspect of your salon so you understand where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there.  Consider your salon’s location, look at what will make your salon unique and stand out from the crowd, consider your target market (is it growing?), check out your competitors to see what they offer, work out what it will take to make a profit and when you can expect this to happen, and make sure you understand the key risks facing your business and how you are going to handle them if they occur.

Build Loyalty & Keep On Communicating

Once you feel confident you can finance your salon and make it work, come up with a comprehensive communications strategy. You’ll need to advertise your new salon and all it has to offer, so consider the various advertising channels that are available to you, from traditional media and poster advertising to social media platforms. NEVER stop communicating. Now that people know your salon is open, you’ll need to build a loyal client base. Consider running some promotions such as New Client Offers to bring in new clients.  Then use an effective, easy to use software system like Salon-iQ’s GAS Guest Attraction System which automatically sends texts and emails to your clients, encouraging them to recommend you to their friends and family. Check out the message (left) to see how it could work for you.  Messages are sent out automatically which means one less job for you to worry about!  The Salon-iQ system can even help you to get lost clients back into your salon.

Give Your Clients Added Value

Another great way to build loyalty is to offer your clients added value.  Your stylists, colour technicians and beauty therapists have the knowledge and expertise to help clients with their hair and beauty needs so can show them the path to achieving glossy hair, clear skin and fabulous nails!  Consultations and personalised guidance are a great way of building rapport with a client and you may well end up selling some extra products too. And why not keep on adding value even after your clients have left the salon?  You can automatically send out newsletters and marketing messages using Salon-iQ’s automated email and text marketing system.  Let clients know about offers, competitions and attractions linked to important annual events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and even send a friendly birthday message!

Listen To Your Clients

It’s important to keep on listening to your clients.  They can show you what you are doing well and where you can improve.  One of the best ways to stay in touch is by sending out an automated Client Survey using Salon-iQ’s advanced marketing software.  You can ask whatever questions you feel are relevant to your salon and location and you can send an automated ‘thank you’ for your client’s time and effort.

Reward Your Team

Build a great team around you and make sure they are rewarded for the effort they put into making your salon a success.  Your hair or beauty salon will only be successful if you are surrounded by team members who are loyal, happy, focused and love coming to work.  Think of ways in which you can reward your staff over and above paying their wages.  This might include team events, awards ceremonies, incentive schemes with cash or prizes as rewards…

Now get on out there and enjoy your journey towards running a successful salon!  Good luck!



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