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20 October 2015

Migrating to the UK’s best cloud based salon software – Salon-iQ

The reality is technology changes. Computers and software is one of the fastest changing industries. Technology platforms change. This article looks at some of the benefits of migrating to Salon-iQ

The cloud has changed everything; cloud software is the ideal platform for group salon management, ideal platform for online booking and the perfect platform for automated email and text marketing.

One thing to consider is when a number of older products were first developed online booking, text marketing and email marketing were not around. These services had to be added later, whereas Salon-iQ has been designed from the beginning to exploit text marketing, email marketing and online booking technologies.

Systems based on older desktop computing and that have not migrated to the cloud, can be vulnerable to viruses, hard disk crashes etc. Salon-iQ being a cloud based product gives you the peace of mind associated with cloud based computing.

Salons often take a long time to decide to change their computer system, which is funny when you look at other areas, for example, I doubt many of you are driving around in 15-year-old cars, or using a mobile phone that is 15 years old.

Migrating data and training is another area that tends to concern salons considering changing from other systems. Salon-iQ are very experienced in this and can help you make a painless transition.

Another consideration may be cost. Typically the cost of ownership for a cloud system like Salon-iQ is much less than older than desktop based systems, so you may save hundreds or even thousands of pounds over the years.

Many suppliers will have you sign THREE or FIVE year agreement, which you are bound to (even if your business closes!). With Salon-iQ we operate a simple 12-month agreement. Customers migrating to Salon-iQ will benefit form our simple transparent licensing and pricing model which allows access from home or office at no extra cost.
Salon-iQ’s technology is robust and reliable, easy to support and designed from the beginning to exploit these new technologies. Migrating to Salon-iQ is easy, and instantly you will be benefiting from the advanced marketing and simple yet powerful salon dashboard technology.
Multisite users benefit immediately from real time, accurate data.

At Salon-iQ we designed the software from a salon owners perspective, our unique understanding of the salon business has resulted in a beautifully designed, simple software system, which does what it is supposed to smartly and simply, allowing you, the salon owner, to focus on delivering exceptional customer care and service .

Join the Cloud Revolution. Call Salon-iQ today 0843 289 6095 and see for yourself what makes Salon-iQ better and different.

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