Hair Salon Website Tips For 2021

7 January 2021

Promoting your business through your website is important for any hair salon. In this article we talk you through our top hair salon website tips for 2021!

Anyone who owns or manages a hair salon will understand the important role their website plays. As a team who have many years of experience running and promoting hair salons, we are well positioned to offer advice and in this article we will suggest hair salon website tips for 2021 that will help your salon build the strongest possible web presence!

So here are our top tips for what you should be doing with your salon website in 2021:

Online bookings

Online bookings are now a key feature for a salon website. People are busier and busier and the more convenient you can make the booking process the better. So easy to use online booking is essential, and equally important is having a process that is seamless across all devices as the usage of mobile phones continues to increase.

If you do not currently have this for your salon or want more information about how online bookings can help your salon then head over to our online salon appointment booking page.

Showcase your team

As websites have continued to evolve in recent years, they have become much less a place just for basic service information and more somewhere to showcase the personality of a business. Especially in a hair salon environment, the team is so important as prospective clients want to know the experience of the person cutting their hair and get a bit of a feel for them as a person. Because of this, we would recommend information about your team on your website – as a minimum a photo (it is definitely worth getting a professional in to make these consistent) and introductory bio. The more information you can give about your team, the more personality you can inject into your salon website.


The trend of customers shopping online has only been accelerated by the global Covid-19 pandemic. You are therefore really missing out on customers if you do not have e-commerce functionality on your salon website. Here are some ways e-commerce can help generate business for your salon:

  • Take payments for bookings online.
  • Sell salon gift cards.
  • Prompt for service upgrades online – such as a treatment or colour service.
  • Sell products through your website.

Opening times

Many customers will want to come to your website for quick and easy information – such as your opening times so make sure this is included on your salon website and is prominent and easy to find. Be careful to keep this updated so if you do have different opening hours over the Christmas period for example, have this clear and prominent. You should also update opening hours on your Google My Business page as many will not even make it to your website and will just go by your Google listing!

Showcase your work

Showcasing visual galleries of your work is essential on your salon website. You can have the best copy in the world and fantastic testimonials, but those who are more visual will not be drawn in by this – they want to see the results of your work. Not only does this mean your website is more likely to drive enquiries from prospective customers, but the trend for modern websites is a move towards much more visual content – so showcasing galleries of your work makes your website more visual and aesthetically pleasing too!

Importance of content

Visual content is critical to the success of your salon website, but written content is also important. Why not consider setting up a blog on your salon website in 2021? There are a number of key benefits to this which include:

  • SEO benefits – a well written blog with fresh content and good use of keywords will help drive search engine performance and subsequently website traffic.
  • Credibility – blogs are a great place to show off your expertise – so whether you want to talk about the latest hair cutting techniques or perhaps give a review of a new colouring product, you can demonstrate to your audience that you are a progressive, forward thinking hair salon.
  • Support other marketing channels – blog content can be shared over your social channels, through your newsletter or even tweaked for press coverage – so one well written article can be used in multiple areas to grow awareness of your brand.
  • Existing clients – by giving existing clients lots of hints and tips about how they can best look after their hair, and keeping them updated with the latest hair fashion and trends, you can keep your current client base engaged and build loyalty to your brand.

Video content

More and more video content is being used on modern websites, and we would recommend this as a tool you use for your hair salon. You could film useful ‘how to’ guides for your customers to help them perfect a certain look. This would be a great way of injecting that much needed personality into your website. Why not do a tour of your salon? You can show prospective clients what your salon is like before they even step through the door!

Our top tip for video content would be video testimonials – testimonials are essential in adding credibility to your business, but by getting this on video, you underpin the credibility of the testimonial even further, adding enormous value to your salon.

Social media feeds

If you are active on social media, then feeds on to your website is another excellent way to keep your website updated with fresh, engaging content. A word of warning here though – only do this if you have a great social presence with lots of good content as a social media feed with either no content or even just out of date content is worse than no feed at all!

We hope you have found this a useful guide and that there are some tips you may take and use on your salon’s website in 2021. If you need any help implementing this, or would like any other salon marketing input then give our friendly and helpful team a call on 01892 280 123.

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