Green Salon Collective

16 June 2020

Green Collective Salon Are you doing your bit for the environment?

“GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE is a start-up of industry experts, hairdressers and eco campaigners on a mission towards hairdressing sustainability. Our goal is to be able to collect as close to 100% of all salon waste as physically possible and to then find new uses for it that reward the salon, the environment and the community.”

If I’m honest, I really did not realise just how little we recycled in our salons; as little as 1% of the materials we use in the salon is recycled. Source Green Collective

Green Collective focus on recycling the unrecyclable, which is like a breath of fresh air.  If you take a moment to consider how much foil you throw in the bin each day from each of your stylists, not to mention the endless cans of products we use and throw away. A large restriction from councils has been that our metals such as the foil we use for colour is too dirty yet “Green Collective” want your dirtiest foil. After all it means less chemicals will be going down the sink. 

The next move is for them to move onto recycling colour, bleach, plastics and paper.  To cover the cost of the Green Salon Collective program they recommend to add £1 onto each clients bill. This can be added automatically on SalonIQ so you won’t need to worry about remembering to add it on. 

Setting up a Surcharge (or green fee) on SalonIQ is easy, simply go to the main menu > settings > services > add a new ‘service’ called ‘Green fee’ set the duration to 0 and amount to £1. Following this go to main menu > settings > salons > ‘settings’ tab > select your surcharge service ‘Green fee’ To ensure your team do not get the additional £1 added onto their commissions, select the OTC team member as retail. 

We are pleased to be able to enable salons to easily process the green fee on each clients bill using the surcharge feature on SalonIQ. For guidance on the setup of the ‘green fee’ within SalonIQ please email

To begin your sustainability journey with Green Salon Collective click here or you can call 07922429357          

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