Case Study with Meg’s Beauty Room

25 March 2022

Switching from pen and paper to a salon system can be a massive change but it really can develop and grow your salon business, whilst making a salon owner’s life a lot simpler.

We caught up with Meg from Meg’s Beauty Room to find out why she chose to use SalonIQ and what she loves about the system. Meg is a nail tech and beauty therapist from Scunthorpe.

What made you decide to take on a salon system?

I was fed up of sending reminders on an evening and having to erase and re-write appointments in my diary. I really wanted clients to be able to book online.

Why did you pick SalonIQ?

My friend Alice works there but I also tried another provider and my diary disappeared, it took that provider two and a half weeks to respond which really concerned me. I liked the look of SalonIQ when I had a demo so decided to go ahead.

What is your favourite feature of the system?

I love being able see at the start of the week how many appointments I have booked in and how much money I’m going to make.

How has it changed your business having a system?

I have more time on an evening as I do not have to send our appointment reminders as SalonIQ does it for me.

Would you recommend SalonIQ?

Definitely, in fact I already have.


Check out Meg’s work @megsbeautyroom.scu

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