Effective Salon Team Appraisals

23 April 2016

To grow and keep a good team you need systems. One vital system is a regular and consistent review process for team performance, otherwise known as a 1-2-1 Holding effective 121’s is the way to motivate and manage team members in a way that brings out the best in someone. 121’s should be a positive experience for the team, yes, there may be issues that need addressing, however ultimately the individual should leave the meeting feeling positive, focused and valued. Use 121’s to really get to know whats makes that person ‘tick’.

Depending on the circumstances 1-2-1’s are typically either monthly or 4 weekly depending on to your pay period. A 1-2-1 is most productive when it is carried out at the beginning of a new period so you can review the previous period and set targets for the days/ weeks ahead It is imperative that 121’s are booked in for all of your team members for the year ahead. it gives them a sense of organisation and it makes them feel valued as you are making time ‘for them’ On a different note, you can use more frequent 121’s to address a specific drop in standards..eg if a team member is not not reaching their retail target, you could use weekly 121’s to manage the situation, this emphasises the seriousness of the matter, whilst at the same time, giving them the opportunity to sound their concerns as to why they are not progressing as they should. Try using a venue outside of the salon to hold 121’s. Offer refreshments, make the individual feel comfortable. Remind them that this is ‘their’ opportunity to share their thoughts. If the points discussed become a bit ‘edgy’, remember that silence is golden…give them time to reflect. Remember the 40:60 rule…listen 60%, talk 40%. Top tips for your 1-2-1’s

  • Each team member has their own 1-2-1 file which they must bring. This will include review sheets prom previous 121’s.(see attached)
  • Their personal holiday/attendance calendar

The personal attendance sheet is useful to track sickness. The review sheet  is always a useful tool to have , its is important that it is completed by the individual as appose to the manager or receptionist as it magnifies their accountability

  • New guest questionaires/surveys

Good and bad, the surveys should ask key questions…eg. Did your stylist introduce themselves? Did you receive a personal home care plan? If the client is saying ‘no’ to these questions, use it a s an opportunity to suggest further training for that stylist

  • Up to date completed tracking sheets and training history.

If you use salon software such as SALON IQ, the tracking sheet information id already prepared for you, however, it does benefit the individual if they have to complete the tracking sheet themselves as it helps them to absorb the information before you meet with them. If a ‘print out’ is placed in front of them instead, it is almost like a ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’

  • Re-do sheets

These are custom complaints that have come back to the salon to be rectified…really useful to track these numbers. Each review should last a maximum of 30 minutes and follow the items on the review sheet. We also like to use the opportunity to agree the goals and targets for the current period and if necessary amend these in Salon-iQ. If a team member is struggling to hit our minimum standards, they automatically go to a weekly 1-2-1 review process.

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