Appointment Reminders by SMS

16 June 2020

SMS / Email Marketing in your hair and beauty salon

Now is as an important time as any to connect with your clients. There is so much to keep your clients updated with from your opening hours to new salon policies. Even just a gentle reminder to get your clients next appointment booked in can really give great results in your salon. 

We recently did a study with all SalonIQ users to see what difference it made having 1 way SMS switched on and then 2 way SMS switched on.

See the results below;

So we discovered that on one end of the scale salons were getting as low as 4% no shows, with the other end however were getting as high as 21% no shows. 

Looking at these examples below you can see the cost the no shows were having on the salons. 

Looking at the above two examples we can see the numbers are high and really not sustainable or healthy for a salon to grow in good time.  


We then asked the salons to switch on 1 way SMS, this halved the number of no shows received per week and in turn halved the cost of no shows. 

We then asked the saloons that were receiving 21% no shows to switch on 2 way SMS (this allows salons to send an SMS and receive replies) this reduced no shows by 75% which is a great result. 

SalonIQ enables you to take control of the communication with your salons through SMS.

We recommend you at least have your ‘Appointment reminder’ SMS switched on, this all runs in the background on auto-pilot one setup. 

Each SMS that is sent to clients is recorded in the client record card.

To setup your appointment reminders go to main menu > communication > automation > appointment reminders > click ‘show inactive > click ‘appointment reminder’ 

For best results we recommend having the ‘appointment reminder’ SMS being sent 2 days prior to the clients appointment and at a time of around 9:45am.

To activate the ‘appointment reminder’ simply click on the red toggle so the it is switched showing green.

To have a 2 way SMS switched on please email who will be able to help with setting this up for you. 

If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email

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