Barbershop Marketing Plan

26 February 2021

This article gives some excellent ideas and a starting point for marketing a barbershop

Even for the most organised person marketing can be a daunting task. Having your barbershop marketing plan in order can make the whole process a lot easier. Once you have a steady flow of marketing underway you are certain to see some positive results with new business in your salon.

Where do you begin?

First of all you need to know your numbers for your salon business. Who is your target audience? This question is not too difficult to answer for a Barbershop as you will be targeting men predominantly.

Others questions to ask yourself when at the early stages of mapping out your barbershop marketing plan:

  • What do your target clients do?
  • Where do they spend most of their time?
  • What social media platforms are the likely to use?

Once you have really worked out where your clients spend their time you can ensure that your marketing in these areas, this is going to increase the chances of gaining new clients into your salon and help your marketing budget go further.

Collaborating with other local shops is also a great way to gain new clients into your salon. Creating a partnership can work wonders to encourage in building relationships and get local stores recommending you.


When looking at your branding, make sure it ties in with your target audience. Perhaps pink unicorns is not the imagery to go for but maybe a more masculine, rustic feel could work better. It really does all depend on who you are trying to attract into your salon.

Where to market

So you have your target audience and you have clear brand guidelines for your barbers, now all there is to do is actually market your barbershop.

There are so many areas to think about, you can do this both offline and online – magazine, newspaper, word of mouth, numerous social media platforms, email and SMS to name a few.

At this point it is important to choose and focus on just a few platforms to start with, once you are consistent and rolling out your marketing plan for 2 to 3 platforms you can then begin to expand and use more.

The key to your barbershop marketing plan is to track and trace as this will ensure you are successful and see results. Always make sure you can monitor the progress of any marketing campaign you run. You will then be in a strong position to make the decision on whether to continue with the campaign or repeat it again in the future.

Another area to think about is how you are going to roll out your plan to keep on top of the imagery and posting, consistency is another factor that will help you to produce great results.

There are many tools you can use to schedule posts if you decide to use social media to market your barbershop.

Create a nice atmosphere, give a great experience to your clients on each visit and produce great haircuts – you are then very likely to have the best marketing tool you could get. Word of mouth!

If you are a barbershop looking to promote your business, the SalonIQ software has a number of different marketing tools and features that will benefit your business and automate your marketing. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more!

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