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23 May 2016

5 Essential Tips For A Successful Beauty Salon

Health and beauty is a booming and highly competitive industry. So to keep ahead of your rivals, it’s essential that your salon presents a good image and provides a range of top quality services that will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Beauty Salon SoftwareHere’s a look at 5 essential elements you’ll need to create a successful beauty salon business. Setting

You need to create a tranquil and calming atmosphere so that customers have a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Above all, ensure your premises is impeccably clean and is pleasantly perfumed. You can enhance the surroundings with suitable, soft music and water fountains to create a truly welcoming environment.

Comfort is a priority, so ensure that climate controlled heating and air conditioning is set to a comfortable temperature: neither too warm or too cold.

Take care to decorate your salon in soothing colours and choose suitable furnishings in the reception area to add to the aesthetic appeal. Staff

Not only should all staff be well-groomed, courteous and professional, they should also be fully trained and up-to-date with the treatments you offer. Make sure that therapists have the opportunity to attend training courses to further their skills so you’ll be able to offer the latest treatments.

Staff should also have knowledge of all the products they use and be aware of possible reactions, for example, they should know what treatments and products are suitable for pregnant clients. Treatments

Diversify by offering specialised facials, massages and other treatments that your competitors don’t offer. Study the latest trends and get client feedback on new treatments.

Don’t skimp on good quality stock. Customers know their products and they’ll expect the best. If a product you use is popular then you can increase your sales by selling that range, so don’t opt for cheaper. Packages

Packages are very popular so offer special deals for specific treatments such as bridal (include champagne and canapés), mums-to-be, men and even kids pampering packages. Software

Installing a fully integrated system gives you the flexibility and convenience of managing your salon from one point. You’ll have easier control over appointments, staff training updates, stock control and detailed customer information. Fast and simple to use, you’ll have all the information you need at the touch of a button.

SaloniQ has a range of state of the art beauty salon software solutions to help you grow your business, improve existing client services and attract new ones. For more information, contact us today or visit us online.

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