Accept Online Bookings in Your Salon

24 June 2019

Salon iQ Making appointments online in hair and beauty salons is a MUST!

Allowing your clients to book when they want to WILL increase your bookings and salon utilisation. Furthermore our clients actually expect it, as you probably already know many of us seem to live on our mobile devices these days.  The latest statistics provided by SalonIQ show that over 30% of bookings made online are completed when your hair and beauty salon is closed. Accepting online bookings in your salon should come with new policies and procedures to ensure a smooth and easy process for your clients. This should cover managing no shows, deposits and late cancellations, as long as you have a system in place for each of these areas there is no reason why online bookings in your hair and beauty salon wouldn’t be a success.

How can you avoid no shows when taking booking online? Your ‘no shows’ should be no higher than 2% overall. Online bookings can be made via your website or through your own salon booking app. With Salon iQ you have full control on what services are available to be booked online via settings.

1. Any online bookings made should pay a deposit whether this be in full or 50% is up to you.  2. Send an appointment reminder via SMS or email 1 -4 days before. 

Here is an example of an email reminder; Email reminder SMS appointment reminder example: Your appointment at GREAT Hairdressing {MERGEFIELD SalonName} {MERGEFIELD SalonPhone} is on {MERGEFIELD BookingDate} at {MERGEFIELD BookingTime}. Please reply ‘yes’ to confirm

How can you increase your online bookings?

1. Ensure your team know and understand that bookings can be made online via your website 2. Add your favourite services to show at the top of the bookings menu 3. Make sure your ‘block size’ is set to maximise bookings. e.g. if most of your services are 45 minutes set your blck size to 45 minutes. THis will .optimise you potential bookings. 4. Send an email out to your clients advising them they can now make bookings online 5. Advertise the online bookings option on your Facebook and Instagram page with a link to book now 6. Create a window sticker showing you now take online bookings 7. Set up an automated email to go out when a client searches but does not book to see if they need further assistance. e.g.”I see that you have not yet booked the appointment online atXYZ Salon. Would you like some help/more info to book the appointment. Pls call xxx”

I want to have online bookings in my salon but I don’t know where to start… We have a few ways you can offer bookings online when you are closed.

1. Your Website – You can have your very own online booking widget on the home age of your website. The booking widget is designed to suit the look and feel of your website. If you are already with Salon IQ please call  01892 280123 so we can get you started.  2. Booking App – Have your very own personalised booking App. We do the hard work for you and design the booking app to match your branding with your own logo we use a bespoke colour palette to ensure your booking app matches all your other marketing tools you already have. 3. Online booking widget – if you do not have a website we can create a link that allows you to offer bookings online.

Salon iQ Hub Online Booking Analytics The online booking analytics on the HUB gives you invaluable information allowing you to see exactly what services your clients are searching for. Our advanced marketing suite means you can even help your clients complete their booking. To setup online bookings for your salon with us please call our support team 01892 280123 and press option 1.   

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