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23 January 2017

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The thought of a marketing plan at the beginning of the year feels like a huge task and quite daunting, so much so that many salon owners put it off and continue as they did the year before, creating last minute promotions and advertising their business without giving it much thought. This only produces the same results as the year before. Many salon owners often think marketing means promotions. FORGET THIS NOW! Why not create a simple post on Social Media aimed towards your target audience educating and informing everyone of what services you offer, your opening times or giving tips on how to create a certain look at home? So how can you make 2017 the year to stand out from the crowd?

1. Analyse Each Month From The Previous Year

– Where did you advertise? – Did you concentrate on local magazines and newspapers? – Maybe you decided to make regular posts on Facebook or Instagram? – Did you see a good return on a particular piece of marketing that you have done previously?

2. Make a Note of Key Events

Pencil in all key events for each month in 2017. These could be from the obvious Valentines Day, Mothers day, Fathers Day etc, to London fashion Week and Salon International.

3. Target Audience

Have a clear understanding of your target audience, who do you want in your salon? What age range are your ideal customers, how much do they spend on each visit? All this is crucial to ensure you are marketing your business in the correct place to ensure you reach out to your ideal target audience.

4. Get Together With Your Management Team

Allow your team to contribute to your marketing plan this year. They will have different views and opinions on what they feel worked and didn’t work.

5. List the Strategies You Will Use to Reach Your Marketing Goals

Two main areas of marketing are online and off line. Off line being the more traditional way of magazines and newspapers, online however feeling more like a minefield and endless task. Concentrate on 3 or 4 areas. These could be your website, YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram for example.

6. Finally, Review Your Marketing Plan on a Regular Basis

This is so important, your business changes, your staff change. Your marking plan needs to adapt to ensure the strategies you have in place will still enable you to reach your goals for the year.

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