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5 June 2015

Top Tips to getting the best Salon Software

With hundreds of different salon software products available on the market, choosing the best salon software for your salon can be a tricky task, and not all salon software is the same.

Nearly all the websites you visit say the same things, our salon software will increase salon profits, reduce no shows, make your salon loads of money etc.etc.etc.

Fundamentally it is true most of the salon software packages will do all these things, but often it isn’t what the software does it is how it does it.

Top Tip Number 1: Make sure it looks easy and make sure you “have a go” at booking an appointment and transacting a bill. If that bit is easy then it is a good start.

Top Tip Number 2: Make sure it  is easy. Salon software needs to be simple and if there are lots of menus and things to setup, it is likely to be complicated and therefore some of the simple things that you may want your salon software to do, may actually be too difficult.

Top Tip Number 3: If the salesman says “our salon software has 100’s of reports” then run a mile. The chances are they have just added report after report that customers may have requested. This means that finding the information you need can be difficult if you are having to sieve through hundreds of reports.

Top Tip Number 4: Beware older salon systems that have not changed much in the last 10 years. Software technology changes rapidly, just think back five years, iphones, ipads and internet were not considerations. Some older packages cant even run on the latest Microsoft Windows 8 – this should ring alarm bells.

Top Tip Number 5: Read the Small Print – I call them sharks. Some of the older salon software suppliers in the market have terms and conditions that are nasty. 5 year terms, automatic renewals, automatic price increases,  renewals disguised as upgrades. These salon software suppliers basically want to lock you in, making in almost impossible to change and they have you financially committed.

Top Tip Number 6: Go for “No Tie Ins” Salon software – by choosing a supplier that doesn’t lock you in you know they will strive to keep your business, they will need to keep their salon software up to date and current, and they will need to make sure their customer service is always first class.

Top Tip Number 7: Beware the add-ons. Sometimes the entry point to salon software is affordable,  however often essential addons can make salon software suddenly very expensive. E.G. On-line bookings,  salon email marketing, extra salon software licence for office or home.

Top Tip Number 8: If the salon software supplier is telling you you need lots of training, it might mean that it isn’t logical.

Top Tip Number 9: Take your time. Look at everything, how the texting works, what reports you want, how the email marketing works. If you don’t understand it, don’t buy it.

Top Tip Number 10: Shop around. The right salon software system can transform your salon and simplify your life. The wrong system can soon become a very expensive salon software nightmare, causing stress, anxiety and despair.


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