Top 10 Benefits Of Using SMS In Your Salon

22 February 2019

2 Way Texting in Hair and Beauty Salons

2 way text messaging is the ability to send and receive SMS messages to and from your clients.

1 way messaging means you can only send SMS messages but not receive.

Text messaging has become part of our lifestyle, we are never far away from our mobiles. 

Texting may have felt like something you’d just do with the people you knew such as friends and family, however many more businesses are opting for the SMS option to communicate to their customers.

Many hair and beauty salons are continuously finding new ways to improve the customer experience they offer, you may be one of those salons that is fortunate enough to have a receptionist or front of house team. 2 Way texting is a great way to utilise your receptionists time more effectively just by automating the confirmation of appointments process – this really is such a time saver.

Since we implemented this in our salons we have noticed a huge saving of time enabling us to focus on other areas of the salon.

Take a look now at just some of the benefits of having the SMS feature active in your salon;

10 Benefits of Using 2 Way SMS

  • Easy communication with your clients
  • All automated saving you time
  • Personalise your messages
  • Improve client experience
  • Have different SMS templates sent to different clients
  • Your clients can reply to the text
  • Provides an extra level of customer support
  • Have your very own SMS number 
  • Reduce no shows/cancellations
  • Contact lapsed clients

How Can I Use SMS In My Salon

  • Appointment reminders
  • GAS (Send a friend)
  • Contacting lapsed clients
  • Thank you for visiting
  • Feedback / Survey
  • Promotions / Offers
  • Manual messages

How can I start using 2 way texting with Salon iQ?

Let us know. We can get you your personal number and activate the SMS feature within 24 hours. 

How do I know when a client has replied to a message?

Our SMS message centre symbol will turn from grey to red when you receive a message. You can then take a look at the message and reply to it. 

What if I don’t see the SMS message centre symbol turn red when a new message comes through?

We have developed a great feature allowing any text that comes through that does not read ‘Yes’ to turn red so you can really see it. 

To confirm any appointment that needs you to take action will turn completely red making it clearer and easy for you to see. 

Does it cost anything to have 2 way text?

It costs £8 per month to activate 2 way text + your standard SMS charge per message you send. 

There is a £49 + VAT setup costs. This allows us to set you up with your very own personal number.

It does NOT cost anything to receive SMS messages from Salon iQ

Can I stop 2 Way text?

You can stop 2 way text at any time by calling our support team on 018912 280123

Just for fun

General Texting statistics

  • Clients send and receive 5 times more text messages than they make and receive calls
  • 94% of texts sent are read globally
  • UK phone users send 217 million texts per day

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