The Best Salon Reviews Systems – Salon Reputation Management

24 May 2018

SalonIQ work with two of the best salon reviews systems to help with your salon reputation management.

Great online Reviews for your salon can be an incredible way to attract new clients, but bad reviews can also cause untold damage. Salon reputation management is more critical than ever. Good reviews can

  • improve your google ranking
  • Get you more new clients

SalonIQ are delighted to work with two of the best salon reviews systems in the UK – read on for more information on how they both work and integrate with our system, helping you with your salon reputation management.

1. Social Reviews from Salon Guru… salon reviews system

Social Reviews is the system from Salon Guru, recognised as the experts in Salon Websites and Online Marketing and is used by over 200 of the leading salons in the UK.

How they describe their reviews system…

Every Salon Owner knows that a great review can attract new clients – and that a bad one can do untold damage. So we created our Salon Social Reviews system to give you total control of your Salon’s online reviews. Good reviews are posted (after approval) to your Salons social media (facebook and twitter) and will ALSO post as the client to their own newsfeed. Those reviews also appear on your own salon website Reviews page. Bad reviews can be dealt with discretely and will not appear anywhere but in your private admin section.

How Salon Social Reviews work…

The Best Salon Reviews SystemsThe Best Salon Reviews SystemsThe Best Salon Reviews SystemsThe Best Salon Reviews Systems

The costs and more info… Salon Social Reviews is free of charge to all Salon IQ users. Read more about Salon Social Reviews

2. Salon Spy…

The Best Salon Reviews Systems

Salon iQ Partners With Salon Spy

Salon iQ have recently partnered with Salon Spy – An online review portal enabling Salon Owners to get feedback from their clients all on auto-pilot, helping with their salon reputation management. With recognised brands such as Toni & Guy, Charlie Brown and Saks all on board you could be mixing with some well known hair and beauty salons.The reviews are open to the public and viewable on the first page of Google, along side Google and Facebook reviews. Watch a quick video that shows how Salon Spy works between ‘Salon iQ’ – ‘Salon Spy’ and ‘Your Clients’.

Points To Know About Salon Spy Reviews

  • Each and every single review submitted by your clients is manually reviewed before it goes live

  • It’s all done on auto-pilot

  • You can edit your salon information, change images and alter opening times from your Salon Spy dashboard

  • Clients leave a star rating – it is only the star rating that is viewed not the comments/reason the the rating

  • Salon Spy is always kept up to date, your clients receive a message via WhatsApp with a link for them to leave a review

  • Salon iQ and Salon Spy communicate so you do not have to do a thing if you don’t want to

  • You as the salon owner have the option to reply to reviews that are left for your salon

  • You can dispute and remove a review if you feel it is fake – giving you full control

  • FAQ on Salon Spy

    • Can I offer my clients an incentive to leave positive reviews? You can incentivise your clients to leave reviews, however we discourage you from offering incentives for positive only reviews – the system is designed to give you feedback on your business and team performance. 
    • Can I link reviews to my own website? Yes you can! Salon Spy call this a widget, it�s free and the instructions can be found within your salonspy profile.
    • I use salon software, how do I integrate it? Steps to follow -> click on communications – automation – custom – SMS tab – find Salon Spy – click on edit pencil and then click on tick box to activate.
    • Can I respond to my reviews?  You can. We offer a suite of review management tools, including team member analysis, private feedback & recommend a friend via WhatsApp – this is �9.99 per month.  
    • Is there a limit to how many reviews I can get each day?  Not at all. You will find that you receive a LOT more reviews using the SaloniQ / salonspy integration – for example Touch� Hairdressing in Pureley received 48 reviews in 1 month.
    • How often are the reviews moderated?  Constantly.  We read every single review before it gets published.  We check it for family friendly content, we ensure its constructive, we won�t publish team member names in negative reviews & we won�t publish personal attacks.  96% of the reviews we receive are 4* or better – its a huge moral boost for the team when they get mentioned in a review. 
    • Can I share the reviews on my social media?  You certainly can – we integrate with Facebook and Twitter to allow easy sharing – we also see that salons get creative on Instagram and share their reviews there too. 
    • How long does it take to set up Salon Spy?  A couple of minutes.. Once we receive a communication from your SalonIQ system, we will get in touch to get you set up on salonspy with an admin log which means you can manage your own page / reviews.

    How to Optimise Your Salon Reviews

    Whichever system you choose there are ways to optimise your results. With salon Spy you simply set up the custom  action in communications. Salon Spy will request a review every other visit the clients make.

    The Best Salon Reviews Systems

    For SalonGuru we recommend you set up a text linking to your reviews page. And set it up after their 1st and 4th visit to optimise your results.

    If you need any help setting these up please call the Salon Success helpline on 01892 280123

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