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27 June 2017

Team Building A team that works well together is more effective, more productive and more successful producing the good results for your salon.

Team building is a key part in the bonding process of all employee,s no matter how long they have been working together. It allows everyone in the workplace to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses but also to get a clearer understanding of how each other works when given challenges or certain tasks. This in turn helps them work better together in the workplace. One of the most powerful reasons for team building is to work through a task or project and see results at the end.

Team building does not need to be costly to your business at all and does not necessarily require a lot of time out, ensure you schedule and plan team buidling in advance on a regular basis, it can be as short as 30 minutes to 1 hour, or you could book out half a day to a whole day. Team Building

Here are some team building activities you could do with your team:

Back-to-Back Drawing Divide your team into pairs and ask them to sit back to back, each with a pen paper. One team member has an image and directs the other person on how to draw the shape that is in front of them without actually giving it away on what the image is.

Salon Trivia Put together 15 – 20 questions about the workplace and get everyone to answer them individually. This does not take much time at all and will show you have observant your team are. These could be simply questions such as: What colour are the bathroom tiles? What brand is the computer at reception? How many hairdryers do we have in the salon? How many years have we all worked together combined?

Spider Webb Secure to pieces of string to across a door entrance. One about 3 feet above the floor and another around 5 feet. split the team into 2, the task is for each team to try and get each other through the web without touching the string. You can make this more difficult by adding more pieces of string across the door entrance.

Count Off Have everyone stand in a circle with their backs to each other. Counts in 2’s or 4’s have each team member shout a number going round taking it in turns. This really encourages concentration and listening out for other team members.

Circle of Silence Have one team member stand in the middle of the circle blind folded and everyone else standing i a circle. Get an objective in the salon and pass the objective around without it making a noise.

Walk of Trust In pairs with one blind folded, lead them round the area, course or obstacle without knocking into anything. This increases communication skills and trust.

Group Juggle 5 – 10 juggling balls depending on the size of your team, in a pattern each team member throws a juggling ball round the circle. On each round another juggling ball is added in. This will create fun, strong concentrating and communication with all team members.

Human Knot This is a classic and great to get all your team working as one. All hold hands and loop under each others arms, twist and step through. The challenge is to untangle yourselves without letting go of each others hands to form a circle again.

Bonding Belt Great fun. Get into pairs and wrap cling around each of your legs together or your waist. The idea is to race to the other side of the room or a point. Who ever gets back to the start line first wins.

Selfie Hunt Split the team into pairs. Create a list of objects or tasks to take selfies with by a given time frame. For example find a stranger to take a selfie with. Take a selfie with a particular building or object around the salon. The pair that send their selfies in first wins. Being away from the workplace also allows everyone to see each other in a different light.

Benefits of Regular Team Building Activities:

1. Better communication Every salon owner wants a friendly happy team that work well together and communicate at all levels. You will find after the team building activities that many discussions and comparisons will be made for days after the event.

2. Motivation, Team Spirit and Energy We can all get a little complacent and stuck in a rut when we are at work. So having something organised a little out of the norm creates excitement and new discussions.

3. Breaking the Barriers Having to work together in a different environment can break down any tension or barriers that may have developed in the workplace. Having these barriers broken down allows the team to communicate better without avoiding each other.

4. Appreciation The fact that you are taking time out to boost their morale, it shows you are concerned about their happiness and general excitement in the work place will give them a natural boost, energise them and generally make them feel motivated. With all these positive benefits you are more than likely to see everyone working that bit harder, everyone focusing more on the job in hand and seeing a general increase in energy.

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