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29 March 2021

This article is a guide to using your salon software as efficiently as possible. Tips on how to make the most of your salons marketing software and use your software to its full potential.

Making life easier for salon owners

It can often feel overwhelming when you begin to set plans to organise your salon’s marketing strategy; there are so many platforms you can use to base your marketing structure on, that when you start to create your marketing structure, you never actually see them through to completion before you begin using them within your day.

If you gave it some thought right now, you would probably realise just how many different tools you use to run your business, such as emails, multiple social media platforms, messaging, WhatsApp and messenger to name a few.

Salon marketing software is a useful piece of technology within your business, that many salons dedicate a staff member to manage and monitor. However, we often don’t realise what our current salon software can provide us.

What if you could utilise what you already have?

Making the most of the tools you have at hand and using them to the best of their ability, really can help you see a huge shift in your results. Shiny new things aren’t always better, just as the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Your salon software can play a huge part in utilising all the tools you have on hand. Often we find many salons use a very small percentage of the features they have available to them, purely because they are unaware of what else they could be using.

You may have said goodbye to pen and paper already and introduced a digital system to schedule your salon appointments. This is a huge step forward in saving you time and energy with simple tasks. Take the time to review the other areas your salon software has which are available to you, that you may not be using their full capacity.

Keeping as much as you can in one place can ensure maximum productivity and help avoid making you feel overwhelmed. From reaching out to your clients and keeping in touch, to advertising a new promotion and spreading the word, your salon system can easily do the job of salon marketing software as well.

Ensure your salon marketing software has features enabling you to monitor and track the progress of your campaigns. So often we submit posts and pay for marketing campaigns, but end up with little knowledge about how successful each one is.

Knowing how successful each marketing campaign is, can be critical to understanding what works for you and what hasn’t done so well. Focusing in on high yield campaigns and discarding ones that are less efficient, is a great way to reduce your salon’s marketing costs and maximising your results through new clients and increased revenue.

What to look for with salon marketing software?

  • Can it monitor your campaigns?
  • Does it provide different options for you to reach out to your clients in multiple ways?
  • Can your software give you an insight in how much white space your team and salon have on certain days/weeks/months?
  • Can you manage the costs of each campaign?

Always remember to try not to make your marketing plans overly complicated, keeping it simple and starting with less can ensure you can deliver each part of your plan.

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