New Year New Mindset

1 January 2020

Happy New Year to all…

So with the New Year now here and another 360+ days ahead, if you haven’t already now is the time to plan your 2020, set your targets and push full steam ahead to achieve them. 

Can you remember what goals you set yourself and your salon last year? If you can remember them, how did you do? If you can’t, don’t panic you have 2020 ahead of you to give your goals and new years resolutions another shot.  The only thing you have to do differently this year is stick to it! Easy, right? What New Years Resolution can you set yourself for 2020?

  • Start a meditation practice
  • Learn something new each day
  • Pick a Hobby
  • Read more books
  • Save more, spend less
  • Try something new each week
  • Get organised
  • Eat healthier
  • Get in shape
  • Volunteer
  • Learn a new skill
  • Reduce your monthly expenses
  • Drink less alcohol
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Stay active 

Make a note of 2 – 3 New Years resolutions/Goals/Focuses, (whatever you wish to call them) mark them down in your diary or journal so you see them on a daily basis.  Ensure they are realistic and achievable goals – with clear milestones laid out for you each step of the way.  How often have you penciled a few goals in your shiny new journal and then forgotten about them? To then discover them again a few months later, and say “Oh yes, I remember writing these…” What’s your strategy to setting new business goals? It can feel like a very daunting task so we have put together a mini guide which will hopefully help you on your way to some well thought out goals. Get your journal and pen at the ready!

1. Reflect. How have you done in the last 12 months? Did you achieve your goals? If you didn’t have a little think as to what may have got in the way of you achieving these goals. Self awareness is key. Do you need to perhaps grow in certain areas to achieve these goals, maybe something out of your control happened which prevented you from achieving something in 2019. Either way time to reflect is key to 2020’s success.

2. Focus.  The year ahead is now the thing to focus on. What do you want to improve, make better, or even just maintain? You should have 3-5 things you wish to focus on, anymore than this will feel overwhelming and become less achievable as you’ll just take on too much. At the beginning of the year I often prepare myself to take on the world but this is not best practice. The more goals we set ourselves the more we spread our selves super thin, this then leads to disappointment and we do not achieve any of our goals for 2020. Remember less is more. 

3. Be precise. So you have 3 – 5 key areas you want to focus on in 2020, these are your goals, now you need to be really precise with the tiny details of these goals. What can you do precisely to ensure these goals are reached? For example:

  • Delegate team members to create content from the salon for your Social Media posts to go out each week
  • Set aside half a day per month to create new blog posts
  • Recruit a new Front of House team member to provide 5* customer service that you aim to deliver every single day

4. Detail  Now is the time to let your brain run a little wild (not too much though) You really need to break the areas of your goals down even further. Looking at the examples above – how many team members do you want to delegate? How much content do you want them to create each day/week? Do you need video footage? What is the footage of? Hair, beauty, your team, your salon? How many posts do you want written each month? What are the topics going to be?

5. Actions.  This is the main area to make sure your goals actually happen. Yes that’s right, goals will only be goals if you take no action towards them. What action do you need to take to start these goals? Looking at the example above perhaps you need to hold a team meeting, discuss your idea of creating content for social media posts and that you would like  two volunteers from your team to start the new social media journey with you?

6. Make it happen.  Yes it all starts with you. Outline your focuses for 2020, be precise and get the detail of each goal, break it down into bit size pieces and then take massive action on them. There’s no better time than now to start so what are you waiting for? Ready, Steady, Go!

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