Hair Health and World Vegan Month

1 November 2018

Introducing Hair Health in Your Salon Business

So it’s Wednesday, middle of the week and so far my week has been focused on hair health. I’m loving it! I attended an evening at Hunter Collective on Monday with the Fellowship to listen to guest speakers Errol Douglas and Trisha Buller – both huge icons in our industry.  Trisha is like a walking Wikipedia in Trichology, she could talk and talk and talk about hair, the scalp, the cycle of hair, how to maintain hair, how to stabilise hair loss and so much more.

One of the main points I took away from Trisha is that Trichology is such a key area of our industry but sadly not many of us hairdressers know too much about – we really need to begin to educate the younger generation, especially to understand the science of what is actually going on with our hair. Plus how much of an impact our daily lives are really having on the health of our hair.  

World Vegan Day in Your Salon

On Wednesday 31st October I was back to Hunter Collective in London again. Let me quickly add this is such a beautiful space for freelancers in our industry and is also available to those who host events, a truly wonderful space Lacey and Nico have created. 

As some of us are aware, Thursday 1st November is World Vegan Day and November is works Vegan month. So I attended Debbie Digby’s Vegan event from Passion4hair at the Hunter Collective in London to talk all things Vegan for hair. Veganism has taken a strong hold for many of us around the world, opting for healthier, cleaner food choices in an attempt to live better and feel healthier. You just cannot escape VEGAN, it really is beginning to pop up everywhere.  

What bracket do you fall into? 

Are you interested in veganism for which reason?  – Animal – Environmental  – Curiosity   I’m a huge fan of Pret A Manger. They are focusing heavily on veggie and vegan dishes and are doing so more and more as time goes on – I took a closer look today and you can see just from the photo below the food choices they have are vast. This shows only a few of the Vegan fast food options available for us at Pret. Almost every product on the market is introducing or adapting their products to this new Vegan world we are all living in today. 

I have taken so much away from these 2 events this week that I just had to share some of it with you, how can we as hair and beauty salons adapt the vegan way into our products and services?  Advertising yourself as a Vegan salon wouldn’t be technically true, so with keeping our integrity intact it might be better to say (if you can) that you offer vegan services or vegan products in your salon. Many vegans struggle to find a hair salon that uses and offers vegan products. 

FACTS: In Great Britain there are 1,684,000 people who are vegetarian and vegan. 542,000 are dietary vegans  360,000 are lifestyle vegans  Of all beauty products with a vegan claim launched in 2016 in the UK; 31% were skin care products 29% colour cosmetics  23% hair care products 13% soap and bath products  2% fragrances 2% deodorant  Up to 60% of what we put into our skin is absorbed into our blood stream…

Vegan and Your Hair & Beauty Salon

Why do we not have many cosmetic products available in the hair and beauty market that are Vegan? 

Well at this moment in time the answer is simple – the manufacturers haven’t yet found an alternative ingredient to replace the synthetic ingredients contained within the product which do the same job. Vegan is still in its very early days so this screams opportunity and is a chance to get in at the beginning. Get some of those struggling Vegans who are desperate to find a salon that uses Vegan hair products into your salon and offer them a Vegan Hair  or Beauty Service. So if you do have vegan products available in your salon shout about it – you will be welcoming a lot of lost vegan clients that don’t know where to go to have their hair and beauty treatments.

Why not plan a Vegan Hair & Beauty evening in your salon? You could show off all your vegan hair products as well as show off some of your vegan snacks. It would be a great evening and an opportunity to stand out from your competition. Or perhaps you know of a local vegan coffee shop? Why not offer to partner with them – you could recommend each other with an agreement of so many referrals. 

You may well be asking what this article has to do with salon software?

Erm…well it’s doesn’t really but here at Salon iQ we’re not just about delivering to you the best salon software to help you grow your business, we also want to give you as much information and advice as we can along the way with what is going on in the world of hair and beauty.  So if you can take anything extra from these posts, then it’s a bonus!! 

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