Modelling For Salon Success

19 March 2016

Salon Success

Salon Success planIt is amazing how people seem to find it so hard to find “success”. Success is easy if you follow these four simple steps:

  • Define what success means for you
  • Put a strategy or plan together to achieve your success
  • Make sure you really want this success and you have no hidden conflicts.
  • Take massive action, persevere.

Now lets look at each stage at a time. For example, let us say I am a stylist or a therapist who has just qualified and I want to become the top earning stylist or therapist.

What does Success Mean to You

Defining what success means to you is important and not always that simple but if you do not have a clear definition how do you know when you are achieving it. A definition of success might be: Be the best stylist in the salon – clearly this is not enough detail so you can start to focus on what success really would mean. How would this make you feel? What would your life be like if you achieved this goal? How many clients would you serve per day, what would your rebook rate be? How many clients would upgrade ot have colour? Would you have your own an assistant? What would you charge? What hours will you work? I expect most young stylists or therapists in the early part of their career would not know. So as a salon owner it is your role to help them understand what it takes.

If your goal was to have your own salon. Where do you want the salon? How big do you want the team to be? What kind of salon do you see? Would you still be serving clients? How many days would you work? What hours would you open? How would you market the salon? What products would you use? What would make it special?

The Strategy and Plan

Now what Strategy Might this Stylist or Therapist Adopt: First put it into stages or steps so you can monitor your progress.

Step 1: Put a time frame on it with milestones or goals at various points.

Step 2: Watch and learn what it takes and become a top performing stylist or therapist, by looking at the most successful people at the salon and looking and listening to other leading industry icons and other successful stylists or therapists.

Step 3: Put a education plan together. Read books about building a successful client column, commit to yourself to be as good as you can be.

Step 4: Monitor and track your progress, ask for feedback from your salon manager.

Along the way find mentors and learn from them, invest in yourself, and most importantly model and copy other successful people.

Modelling is your most powerful tool. If you want to be a successful stylist, watch and learn from other successful stylists; what do they wear? What do the say? How do they Stand? Where did they learn? If you are just starting out as a stylist, try working as their assistant for a period.

Are there any conflicts

If you have a clear vision of what success means to you, and you have a plan on how to get there, one of the biggest risks to your success is yourself and hidden conflicts. For example do you really believe you deserve success? Are you really willing to put the required effort in? Are you really able to put the effort in? What sacrifices will in mean you may have to make? How will it effect your personal or family life. You have to recognise these potential areas of conflicts and reconcile conflicts or you will not achieve the success you want. Conflict will be different for each person.

The final Step is Action

Consistent action, every day towards your goal. Recognise success does not happen overnight, it is a continual journey in the right direction. If you have an off day learn not to beat yourself up, we are all human beings after all, just keep making progress, small steps every day will ultimately get you what you want.

And remember whatever your dreams or goals are, as human being we are happiest when we feel we are progressing. So if you hit your meaning of success it must not stop there, you need to push the boundaries and set new goals and new dreams. For true happiness and success, be sure to define success for each area of your life:

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