Marketing a salon group

9 February 2021

If you are looking for marketing ideas for your salon group then take a look at this article which gives a lot of useful information on the subject.

Marketing in itself is no easy task – what you are promoting can feel like a daunting task, however once broken down into key areas the project feels a little more manageable. The same can be said for marketing a salon group, with multiple sites to think about, that overwhelming feeling can creep up on you quickly.

Marketing a salon group – where to begin?

With any form of marketing, it is best to sometimes start backwards, you need to consider what you are marketing for, who you are marketing to and what results you want to see from your marketing campaigns.

Test and measure is so important when running your campaigns. If you can’t monitor it’s performance, how do you know if a particular campaign or strategy for marketing your salon group has been successful? By ensuring you keep a close eye on your captions reach and results you will be in a very strong position to decide whether you should run it again or just tweak it first.

Once you have your target audience and the areas in which you need to market in, you can then begin mapping out your plan a little more for marketing a salon group.

Where should I advertise my salon group?

Another area you could easily feel overwhelmed in is where to focus your time and energy. These days we often do lots of things ‘OK’ but not one of them we do really well, this is purely down to trying to split our time across so many areas at once and is especially true if you own a salon group!

Why not brain storm all the areas in which you ‘could’ do marketing for your salon group and then choose the ones you feel would give you most reach to start with?

To start you off with your salon marketing brain storm you could have – Emails, SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Podcasts and so on as these are all great options for hair and beauty salons.  Pick 2 of these platforms and create a calendar with what you are going to post and then take massive action – better to do 2 platforms really well than lots halfheartedly!

Marketing a salon group can give you an even wider audience and allows you a little more bargaining power when you are negotiating deals with the local press or county magazines. Just because the majority of what we do is online, never underestimate the power or printed media, plus most of the time a printed magazine or newspaper is very often transferred for digital viewing too giving your brand even more reach.

Imagery for marketing a salon group

More often than not you will have your strong brand in place for your hair and beauty salon. This is a great starting point in choosing colours, fonts and sizes to replicate across any marketing you products or ask your designer to do it for you. This is key and ensures any marketing for your salon you do is consistent no matter what channel it is seen on.

As you already know our industry is very visual, we see a striking image and are drawn into it straight away, whereas a 2 page document could be harder for us to engage with so make sure you include strong visuals within any marketing you do for your salon group.

A key point to keep in mind for emails, social posts or any form of salon marketing is to always put yourself in the readers shoes – what are they looking for? What would stop them scrolling? What would make them open an email? It’s all about getting the attention of the reader, sometimes it is just 2 words or an open question to pull them in. Follow this with a bold image and a call to action and you’ll hear from them in no time!

Salon group marketing imagery

Consistency with your salon marketing

Like many things in life we all have very good intentions to make a start on a new project or finally get our marketing off the ground and producing great results. However we often begin and then get side tracked with other things and all our best intentioned efforts grind to a halt with out us even realising.

A quote I often refer to “For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned” this is so true purely for keeping your focus and limiting the number of hours procrastinating instead of doing.

Why not collaborate with a colleague or delegate this to an employee if your funds do not quite stretch to a whole marketing department? The benefit of two people working on marketing a salon group is that each one will hold the other accountable to get the task done.

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