How To Attract New Clients & Keep Existing Clients

27 October 2016

Top Tips for Highly Effective Salon Text Marketing

We all know how important it is to look after our customers when they are in the salon, but how can we continue to show them we care once they’ve walked out of the door? Staying in touch with clients is a great way to build loyalty and to grow your business.  One of the most effective and cost-effective ways to do this is by sending out automated texts and emails . Easy to set up, the texts and emails can be sent out automatically using Salon-iQ’s brilliant salon software! Salon-iQ is the most advanced salon marketing system available and it really can help you reactivate lost clients, attract new ones and build client loyalty. For the best results (and to be most cost effective) we recommend you use a combined text, email and social strategy. Check out our Top Tips For Effective Text Marketing    

TIP 1: Send A Simple Text Saying ‘Welcome’

Make your clients feel welcome to your salon by sending them a simple welcome text in advance of their visit.

TIP 2: Text Appointment Reminders

Remind your clients the day before their appointments.  You can also send them a text to suggest their hair colour or hair cut may need a refresh.

TIP 3: Thank Clients For Visiting The Salon

After each visit, send an automated text to thank the client for visiting.

TIP 4: Fill Appointment Gaps

We’ve all had clients cancel on us.  You can fill that empty slot by sending out a text.

TIP 5: Encourage Clients To Recommend Friends

Salon-iQ’s GAS Guest Attraction System is completely automated to send out a message to your clients, encouraging them to recommend a friend.

introduce a friend TIP 6: Reward Clients Who Recommend A Friend

Reward clients who recommend their friends to your salon.  Consider offering the client money off their next cut & blow dry or hair colour if they refer a friend who then visits your salon.  Salon-iQ will automatically send a thank you text to the referring client and add the promotion to their record card.

TIP 7: Send Out Coupons or Vouchers to Bring Back Lost Customers

Incentivise lost clients to come back to your salon by sending out money-off coupons or vouchers.

TIP 8: Sell More Services & Products

Inform your clients about new products or services you’re offering by sending the an automated text.

TIP 9: Text Event Reminders

If you’re holding a special event, why not send out an event reminder via text, encouraging clients to join in the fun.

TIP 10: Say Happy Birthday By Text

Sending a text to your clients on their birthday is a great way to say thank you and build client loyalty. Maybe offer them a discount service or an add-on treatment to celebrate their birthday.

TIP 11: Monitor Your Progress

You can keep track of your salon’s progress using the user-friendly Salon-iQ software system.  At the touch of a button you can see how many new clients you’ve attracted and how much revenue you have received.  You can see which emails or texts have been sent to clients and work out which promotions are working. Want to know more?  Call the friendly and professional Salon-iQ on 0333 332 1933 for more information.

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