How to attract and retain your clients…then keep them coming back for more

16 June 2023

Love your clients, keep them returning and spending more 


If you take away your products and services for a moment…Do you know what your clients really want? Yes, they need their hair cut or coloured, or they need their nails painted or legs waxed but stripping that away who are your clients and what do they want and need from your business? 

When I used to be on the salon floor, we all knew it was “more than just a great cut”, but in times of change and with the added current cost of living we need to understand our clients more than ever to keep them loyal, keep them spending and keep them wanting more! 

The UK average new client retention is 30% which means that 7 out of 10 new clients are not returning to your salon.  

How are you attracting new clients to your salon? 

  • Why should a client book an appointment in your salon and not the one next door? 
  • Is it working? 
  • How do you monitor your new clients %? 
  • Are your team aware and understand the process of booking new clients? 

Was I recommended by my friend (with a nice little incentive for us both) or perhaps I found your 5* reviews on google that made your salon name catch my eye? Do I have the option of calling to book or, because it is 9 pm… can I book what I need online? 

 When I have made my first appointment what would my journey look like? 

  • Do I receive a confirmation?
  • How about a friendly welcome and an introduction to your salon with some ice-breaking info so I feel like I know you already?  

It is all about the little touches that make clients feel welcome, wanted and special. They should feel excited to visit your salon.

SalonIQ helps you to identify & prepare for your new clients, there is a fully automated Guest Journey feature to help you nurture your new clients without lifting a finger. All new client appointments will display a crown so the whole team has visibility, I even add my clients favourite drink to their record card for their future visits…clever hey? 

Before clients leave 

After your new client has received the best treatment ever, does your team: 

  • Tell your clients you LOVE their hair
  • Talk about how to style their hair at home 
  • Recommend and upsell the amazing products that you matched to their hair or skin type to use between appointments 
  • Understand how to protect their nails from harmful cleaning products to keep them looking amazing for longer? 
  • Share how to get in touch if they have any concerns, queries or problems once they have left the salon 
  • Rebook their clients next appointment 

Client retention 

Now we are one appointment in, what do you have in place to ensure that your new client comes back in for more, time and time again? 

  • Do you know what is your salons client retention percentage? Can you find this information in just seconds? 
  • Reaching out to your lost clients is key, how often are you doing this and how much is it costing you in admin time? 

SalonIQ has all of the vital tools you need to ensure that your clients are informed, connected and wanting to come back for more.  


If you would like to find out how we can help you have more clients, spending more, more often click here. 

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