Using SalonIQ’s referral system

5 March 2021

At SalonIQ we understand the challenges you face as we own and run salons ourselves. Having a referral system in place for your salon is essential, and you can find out more about SalonIQ’s referral system in this article.

At SalonIQ we understand the challenges you face as we own and run salons ourselves. No sooner have you jumped over one hurdle you then face another, each one often just as challenging as the last.

There are so many areas to consider within your salon business and as salon owners we often wear so many different hats depending on what needs to be done. This can range from having our HR hat on, to finances and payroll, our stylist hat and our team bonding and motivation hat to name a few.

You then have the challenge of ensuring you retain your existing clients making sure they return after each visit, not only that we then need to focus on attracting new clients in to our salons. With so many salons on our high street and many stylists and therapists offering mobile appointments from the comfort of your home, competition is stiff and it can at times be tough.

We have created many tools within our salon software to make your life easier. Using SalonIQ’s referral system has proven many times to really help salons drive new clients through their doors time and time again.

SalonIQ’s referral system is simple and easy to use with a few clicks you can have it setup in minutes. It’s all run on auto-pilot giving you the time to focus on key areas, and an easy to view dashboard on the referral system gives you peace of mind it is working.

What is SalonIQ’s referral system?

GAS – Guest Attraction System, get new clients on auto-pilot!

It is the modern and digital way of attracting new clients into your salon by your existing clients referring their friends and family to you. This is all done with the ease of an SMS message and simple instructions for your client to forward the message with a unique code to those they feel could benefit.

This automated system is unique to SalonIQ, you are able to monitor who has referred who as well as thank clients for recommending their friends when they do take you up on your offer.

It still stands firmly true today of there being no better recommendation than a referral. In simplistic terms, GAS sends out automated texts and emails to remind your loyal clients to spread the word about you, and when done correctly referrals will often come thick and fast.

The built in GAS dashboard allows you to monitor the progress, meaning you can make changes at any time to improve your results.

A little incentive for your clients doing this can also really help boost even more referrals. Remember with all promotions make sure you are keeping a close eye on how much you are discounting. Quite often you do not actually need to give anything away, but instead add value to the service.

Always remember your worth and your clients will always remember you.

If you are looking to put a referral system in place for your salon business, then do get in touch with our friendly and helpful team who will be able to help.

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