Hair Salons – 2018 in Numbers

29 January 2019

Hair Salon Stats for 2018

How was 2018 for you? With so much data at our fingertips we can really look into what is going on in the hair and beauty industry across the UK. We have looked at 5 key areas for HAIR SALONS 2018… 1. Average Services Bill 2. Average Retail Bill 3. Average Rebooking % 4. New Client Retention % 5. Internet Bookings %

1. Average Services Bill Looking at the data the average service bill has held around the £40 mark. Not surprising the average service bill peaked in December our busiest times of the year.                                           

2. Average Retail Bill The average retail bill has been pretty steady, we have a predictable increase towards the end of the year in November and December.  When I first looked at these figures I was so shocked to see how low they were, retail has always been an area we find most challenging. I think some of us have come to the conclusion “that is just how it is in our industry” but I refuse to believe that.                                                    If we take a look at the beauty world with shampoos, moisturisers and styling products the market is booming – supermarkets are spending a fortune on advertising for these products. Why? Because their sales are huge and they use effective advertising. The average shampoo in Boots now sits around the £5-£8 mark mark – that really isn’t far off a professional bottle of shampoo and conditioner when you consider also the 80% of Boots and Supermarket products are water. We’ll touch on this a little more later. 

3. Average Rebooking % Rebooking is a great KPI to focus on in your hair and beauty salon – you are ensuring business for 6-12 weeks time. We got off to a slow start but over the year in 2018 we picked up and hit and average of 44% on rebookings.                                                                  

4. New Client Retention % So it’s all well and good getting clients into the salon but the next big job is to keep them returning to us for their 2nd, 3rd and 4th visit. We were retaining around 40% of new clients for the year – which isn’t bad but could be higher.                                                                   

5. Internet Bookings % Do you offer internet bookings? These numbers may seem low to you but trust me they will increase rapidly. Clients want to book their appointments 24/7 so this means when you are closed too. How often do you call a hotel to book an overnight stay? How often do you book a table at a restaurant over the phone?  I’m sure the answer to both those questions is not very often.  Hair and beauty appointments is following suit – you can also ask the client to secure the booking with a 50% deposit or make full payment at time of booking.                                                                           

How do your figures compare to the industry average? We’d love to know – email  Are your salon figures showing a lot lower that the industry average? If they are don’t panic we can help, a simple account review will allows to see what you are doing and perhaps what you are not doing. We’re not just here to provide software we are here to help your salon grow.  If you would like any more information on these stats please do not hesitate to contact Sam.

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