Developing a Winning Salon Culture

22 March 2016

Salon Culture

salonteamworkI first heard the term Salon Culture about 15 years ago, back then I did not really understand what it meant. Now I understand it is the very essence of any Salon Business, it is the very core of what makes a salon successful or not.

Where does this culture come from? Only one place, YOU, the salon owner. Salon culture flows from you, you create it , you mould it , you make it, so be careful make sure you are creating the right sort of culture to make your salon thrive. It is important to have a clear picture of the type of culture you wish to create, and then you need to be 100% consistent in your behaviour because any cracks in your consistency will be exploited by your team.

So what makes a winning culture

  • Shared Vision
  • Shared Core Values
  • Teamwork
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership
  • Individuality
  • Team Building
  • Kaizen – An Environment of Constant Learning
  • Fairness and Compassion
  • Consistency
  • Creativity
  • Going the Extra Mile
  • Having Fun
  • Being the Best YOU
  • Guidelines to Greatness
  • Performance Standards
  • Salon Manuals and Systems
  • Fun (again)

Each of these elements need to be worked on and ideally documented so that everyone is on the same page.

Signs of a Poor Salon Culture

Be careful to watch out for the tail tail signs of a poor culture within any business, such as:

  • A lot of Sickness
  • Lack of Teamwork
  • Failure to comply with salon standards
  • Sitting around in the staff room
  • Gossip and hearsay
  • Lateness
  • Atmosphere
  • Customer dissatisfaction and low re bookings

The salon culture is the heart of your business. Take care of it and the salon will take care of itself, you will have a happy, productive , supportive team and happy clients receiving a professional, consistent and enjoyably experience. I am a great believer in visualisation, spending a few moments each day or week visualising how you want your salon will ensure you get the salon you want.

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