Keep Your Team Members Motivated After Training Sessions

14 November 2017

The struggle is real!

So you have just invested hundreds of pounds in a course or workshop for your stylist/therapist to ensure they are at the top of their game and delivering treatments to a very high standard.

They come back motivated, full of new ideas and are so raring to go that you can barely keep their feet on the ground.

How long does this last for? Not long enough, right?

We feel the pain as well. Too often as Salon owners and Managers we naturally push ourselves and the business forward and have the skills to be self motivating to improve everything around us and get the job done.  Many of your employees do not have this natural gift that you have. They need to constantly be fed with goals, targets and incentives to ensure they stay motivated, focused and passionate about their job.

We recently employed a young therapist and sent her on an intense ESPA training course for a whole week, Monday to Friday.  To say I was blown away by her enthusiasm through out the week of her being their was an understatement. She was already posting her daily happenings across her social media, chanting all sorts of success quotes. I thought wow, we have to keep this girl motivated and on a high when she gets back into the salon. So instead of allowing her to get her feet comfy under the table, we decided to create a promotion and contact a selection of clients who had already had a consultation with us with an offer not to be missed to start as soon as she got back.

“Enjoy an ESPA 60 minute Facial for £25, PLUS even more value we will give you £25 to spend on facial products when purchasing on the day.”  So basically the facial was free, with an incentive to them to purchase a product.

 Keep Your Team Members Motivated After Training SessionsKeep Your Team Members Motivated After Training Sessions

The e-blast went out to 1,416 people from our database.

Many salon owners will be thinking that is just too cheap, you are undervaluing your services. BUT we are not at all.  Our main purpose was to ensure this therapist stayed motivated. But more importantly put her skills to the test and apply everything that she has learnt to real clients as soon as she got back into the salon, instead of the opposite happening, her losing confidence and only doing 2 or 3 treatments in her first week back, and in turn doing a half hearted job in a months time. This also gives her invaluable experience and enables her to apply everything she has learnt the previous week.

I will be posting the results at the end of this week to let you know how we got on so stay tuned:



So we are 4 days into testing out a new strategy of keeping our team motivated once they have returned to the salon from training. The therapist was a little taken back by how busy she was in her first week. However, we had pre-warned her and have ensured that she has all the support she needs from management in the salon.

We got to the beginning of day 3 and noticed that her care factor was quite low considering the offer the clients were coming in on. So we sat down with the therapist showed her the figures so far and went through again what was expected of her.

This was a fanatastic 1-2-1, and enabled us to understand exactly how this therapist works. We gave her some guidance on completing the treatment with home care at the end but only if she felt the client needed it.

We have ended up saying to a lot of clients that we are fully booked for this promotion now. We feel this can only be a good thing for clients to hear. It shows the salon and therapists are in demand. This also enables us to encourage clients to book in advance to avoid disappointment in the future.

This is the therapist’s first week in the salon:

Figures so far:

10 ESPA personalised facials, she has recommended 6 products across those clients. The therapist has 11 facials booked in over the next 2 days. She is so driven and focused with her clients right now.


Wow, what a week it was!

BUT this salon has proven that with hard work, self belief and focus that results are achievable.

Stacey had a really busy week, as you can see from the post above. The purpose of this exercise was to ensure that the training she had done the week before was carried straight into the salon to get results.

This gave the therapist a huge confidence boost in her ability to carry out particular services and recommend the correct home care to the clients that she looked after through out the week.

It didn’t happen straight from the offset when she stepped through the salon doors on Monday morning. Management had to stay one step ahead, watch very cloesly what she was doing and monitor her figures. However with a little tweaking mid-week she flew.

The salon will continue to monitor this therapists progress and will update her progress again before Christmas. Stay tuned!

Lesson for the week – magnify any training you send your team on but ensuring they implement what they have learnt in the salon.

Remember it all starts with you the Salon Owner!

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