Setting Goals For Your Salon Business

6 February 2018

Setting Goals For Your Salon Business

Do you have goals and/or targets for your salon business? Have you actually taken a moment to work out what you want from your salon and when?

Setting goals can be a much tougher challenge than most people realise. It can be hard to workout what we actually wan to get from our salon business. Plus why we actually started it all up in the first place. When we are going about our daily lives we get so caught up and wrapped in the nitty gritty of daily happenings that we actually forget our purpose and what we are aiming for. We allow the day to day tasks to get on top of us and completely forget about the bigger picture.

There are many different types of goals:

Work goals
Personal goals
Business goals
Team goals
Education goals
Financial goals
Development goals

Points to think about:

1) Always take time out to reflect on where you are.
2) Where is your salon business at right now financially?
3) Are you still heading in the right direction?
4) Do you have everything you need to reach your goals?
5) What are you salon goals?
6) What are your personal work goals within your salon business?
7) Are you making the most from each of your employees?
8) Could you position yourself somewhere else within the business to achieve better results?
9) Are your goals realistic and reachable with a little bit of hard work?

I always use to set myself huge goals. Goals that would mean I’d have to put my whole life on hold for the next month to be able to achieve something. But in reality because they were so big I would never actually achieve them. This would then get me really down, I’d lose all motivation and give up. The awful feeling of failure would then kick in and would take me twice as long to pick myself back up or I’d end up spending hours giving myself a huge over the top reality check. Which really was completely unnecessary. All this because I set my goals way too high.

So the lesson from this is – set yourself goals for your salon business that are achievable. These need to be goals where you have to put a bit of work in and you know that you need to do x, y and z to get there. Once you’ve reached the goal, set the bar a little higher. Again re-evaluate where you are, what you want and set a new goal. Just remember not to make them impossible to reach.

TO DO LISTS – If you are anything like me (slightly too organised) you will love a ‘To Do List’ – Who has a ‘To Do List’ for your ‘To Do List’? Lol – ME! Think of your to do list for a moment – this is another thing I always use to do. I’d write down everything that I needed to do in my whole life on a piece of paper. The reality of me actually getting through the ‘to do list’ was pretty much impossible. So now I create myself a list for the day that I know I can successfully tick everything off in the time I have. The feeling of success and achievement kicks in and you feel great!

While we are on the subject of to do lists – you’ll find there is always one thing on there that you don’t want to do and you will try to avoid it the whole day. DO THAT HORRIBLE JOB FIRST. Get it out the way otherwise it will be on your mind the whole time.

In summary of this post, set yourself goals, break down your goals, set your self stepping stones to reach those goals and GO FOR IT. Remember to keep them within reaching distance. Some of us need a bit of help and guidance on this topic, getting it right can have a huge impact on the results you see as a salon owner. It will ensure you are productive in the steps you need to follow to get to where you want to be.

Ryan Fox works alongside Salon iQ and offers preferential rates to all Salon iQ clients.  email:

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