Say goodbye to double-entry mistakes on your card terminal

2 May 2023

Running a hair salon can be tough, making your life easier where you can is so important.

IQ Pay

How many times have you taken your client to your reception area to pay their bill to see your team huddled around the computer screen? I remember this very well when I was a stylist, so much is going on from clients arriving for their appointment, the phone ringing, others asking about homecare and your apprentice completing a stock take (that seems to be taking them hours) all while you are trying to leave lasting impressions with your client before they walk out the door. 

When your clients
 pay it is crucial their bill is 100% accurate, adding on any additional services they have had throughout their time with you, updating the services they were booked in for originally and not to mention the homecare they have been recommended to.  

Keeping your Front of House area calm and quiet is crucial, any mistake when it comes to money can be very upsetting for your clients and tricky for you to put right. 


Integrate your card terminal

With card terminal integration all the pain is taken away, mis-key entries can be costly mistakes. This is where IQ Pay comes in very handy, your IQ Pay card terminal is integrated with SalonIQ, meaning when your client pays their bill at checkout, the total amount due is automatically sent to the card terminal for the client to confirm and insert, tap or swipe their card.  

 4 steps to avoid incorrect payments being taken:

  • Ensure your client is booked in for the right services 
  • Add on any upgrades to the client’s bill after your consultation 
  • Scan homecare and save to the bill before your client finishes their appointment 
  • Cross-check the services and retail items before the completion 

Integrated payments can save you time and unnecessary mistakes being made by your team on mis-key entries. 

If you would like to know more information about IQ Pay and understand the number of benefits that come with the integration, please do email 

Terminal integration helps eliminate the temptation 

There are so many benefits to your business when integrating your card terminal with your salon software. Integrated card terminals are a great solution for hair salons, even more so when you are looking to deliver your customers a seamless and convenient payment solution.

Having our own salon in Tunbridge Wells, we know just how important it is to make the client experience as smooth as possible. Your Front of house team plays such an important role, they give first impressions to every person who walks through your doors and more importantly, give a lasting impression at the end of your client’s appointment that they will remember.

 “I was sceptical at first at how much time it would actually save, however, my team love the ease of completing payments with their clients now and would not go back to a standalone terminal`.” Salon Owner, Surrey 

Here are our top 5 reasons why having an integrated card terminal in your POS system is a must.

  • A faster way to speed up card payments 
  • Eliminate mis-key entries that can easily occur with your clients’ bills 
  • Ensure bills are put through your POS system correctly 
  • Give your clients an easy and smooth experience 
  • Be efficient with great service for every single client you look after, even at busy times of the day 

In summary, using integrated card terminals can improve the payment experience for customers and increase efficiency and accuracy in the salon’s payment processes.

If you would like to see how IQ Pay at SalonIQ can help your salon business please email us or call 01892 280123 opt . 1 we’d be happy to share more information with you. 

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