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15 November 2019

It’s that time of year where we question the number of bookings we have in our diaries and who will not turn up for their 4 hour appointment on the run up to Christmas.

The idea of taking deposits is discussed time and time again but a firm decision is never made. Many salons have taken the decision to ask for a deposit, particularly when booking online via your website or via your booking app. It adds a level of security for Salon Owners that clients are serious about attending an appointment. Loyal clients who have been booking with you for years without paying a deposit, need to be educated on why you are making these changes, I am yet to come across a client that once they understand the reasons why you are now asking for deposits still complains and refuses to book with you.

So at SalonIQ we understand you may wish to give your clients the option and not just ask for the whole bill to be paid upfront…you can set online booking deposits for clients to pay a percentage or full price. Payments are received through Stripe (Like PayPal but cheaper rates) and are then transferred to your bank account. You need to firstly setup a stripe account which is very easy to do, you can find Stripe by clicking here

To connect your stripe account to SalonIQ; Go to Main menu -> Settings -> Online bookings -> Deposits -> Link account – You can unlink your stripe account at any time by following the same steps

To activate deposits for your online bookings; On SalonIQ go to Main menu -> Settings -> Salon -> Appointments & Online Bookings -> you’ll see 4 fields to alter -> Click save. Please note you can just ask ‘new clients’ for deposits online in the above setup area. If you would like to take deposits for certain clients only, you can do this in the client record card under the accounts tab. This means you will not be able to make an appointment for that particular client until a deposit is taken, only when a deposit is showing on the clients account will they then be able to secure an appointment. 

One hot tip to remember – stats are showing the clients who are paying at least 50% of their appointments online actually are inclined to spend more with you when they are in the salon. They might just purchase that home hair care you keep recommending to ensure their colour looks better for longer!

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