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14 August 2018

Why choose to have Salon Reviews for your hair and beauty salon

Salon reviews are a very powerful tool to get your salon noticed and can get into the eyes of many potential new clients in a very short space of time. 

Why have salon reviews?

– Over 50% of customers will visit a salon after they have read a review on the salons website.

– Attract new clients into your salon by word of mouth

– Improve your Google ranking on your website 

– Build trust and confidence to new and existing clients 

Encourage your clients to leave a review 

1. Thank your client once they have left a review. Acknowledgement goes a long way these days, whether the review has been left on your website, or a social media platform such as Facebook or Instagram.

2. Get your team talking to their clients about salon reviews – how else will your clients know they can leave feedback unless they stumble across it on your website. Get your whole team behind it. Why not make it part of their experience in the salon? When the client is at checkout – let them know they can leave a review of their experience with you. 

3. Show off your reviews – shout about the reviews you get from your clients, share them on your social media platforms, or do an e-blast telling your clients that reviews can be left. 

What online platforms can you use for clients to leave reviews

1. Website – this is a great tool to have on your website – most clients will search for you online and get directed to your website. Having reviews/feedback available for them to read through could be the make or break of them booking an appointment or picking up the phone to you. 

2. Facebook / Instagram – Social media platforms are the place where your clients are already browsing and searching for thinks to look at, whether that be images or text. The power of encouraging clients to leave reviews on your social media platforms is that it gets into the eyes of hundreds if not thousands of eyes in minutes. 

3. Salon Review sites – there are a number of review directory sites designed specifically for salons – they help to promote and encourage clients to leave reviews – some salon review sites connect directly to your social media platforms and website so they are shared automatically without the need of you manually approving them.

These can be very powerful and really snowball once they start. 

Read more on how one particular salon reviews site works here

4. In your salon – some salons have buzz boards which display your post/update or favourite reviews left by clients. 

If you have the reviews then show them off everywhere you can!

Key points to remember when having online reviews

  • Negative reviews are not a bad thing. No matter how much you do your best, there will always be someone who does not give you a 5* review and that is OK. It gives you the opportunity to have your say on feedback you get and shows you are human like the rest of us. 
  • If you do decide to use third party companies or even if you use social media platforms to share reviews make sure your profiles are up to date. These can very easily get forgotten such as contact information or links to your website. 
  • Take note of what clients are saying about you. It’d be a shame to get all this feedback and not actually do anything with it. Share them with your team in team meetings. If you do get any reviews that you are not so keen on, then it gives you the perfect opportunity to put it right and show clients how you deal with things in your salon business.
  • Contact us now to find out how Salon iQ can help you with activating reviews for your hair and beauty salon with Salon iQ – 01892 280 123 or read more here 


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