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4 September 2018

Salon Touchpoint Communications – how to manage your client journey in the digital age

“The next level in salon client service will come from the ability of a salon to fully digitise in order to deliver a seamless client experience.” Ryan Fox, Salon Consultant

I provide you with proven methods on how to integrate the Hub within your salon business to see a return on investment quickly using my half day course – Salon Touchpoint Communications

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Technology has moved so quickly in the last few years and the pace of technological development available for salons has been no exception. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with Salon IQ which has been the fasted developing software in the UK market. Because I work with clients who use Salon IQ, I’ve seen this pace of change happen very rapidly and there are now some great new ways to use the system to streamline your client experience and take yourselves to the next level. So how do you do it?

The Hub

The Hub has probably been the biggest recent advance for the Salon IQ system. It is essentially a mobile version of the system that is designed to be used on Tablets and Phones and give you the ability to take the technology to the client. It includes many new useful features that can be used to take you fully digital and give you the information you need to serve the client better, so you don’t have to print stylist columns and notes and can minimise the use of paper.

Key Features of the Hub to start using are:

* Client information digitally added by the client

* Digital Client Consent for GDPR

* Digital Client Consultations

* Ability to add client notes on the go

* Ability to add client alerts

* Digital Allergy/Skin Test Forms

* Client Images

Client information digitally added by the client

Because the HUB can be used in a mobile way on a tablet this now means that a new client can be handed the tablet in client mode and they can add all their details themselves whilst they are sitting the waiting area or in the chair.

Digital Client Consent for GDPR

Both New and Existing Clients are also able to give their Consent for you contacting them by for Appointment Reminders, SMS, Email and Post including any Medical info for GDPR digitally using the same method and can even digitally sign to say they have given Consent.

Digital Client Consultations

With the Hub Stylists/Therapists now have all the information they need to hand to have a better quality consultation with the client. As they are able to see what services the client has had before, how often they come in and what products they have bought they can suggest the right additional services and upgrades, recommend the right retail products and explain the right frequency of visit for rebooking.

This results in higher service income, higher product sales, higher average bills, better rebooking percentage rates and better client frequency and retention which guess what are the holly grail targets that everyone is trying to work on in the Dashboard!

It also means that Stylist/Therapists don’t have to crowd round reception anymore to get their column information and gives them the ability to take ownership of growing their column!

Ability to add client notes on the go

Client notes such as Technical Colour Histories, Preferences, Other Suggested Services, Product Recommendations etc. can be added as you go when you are doing the consultation, during and after the service again minimising disruption to reception and meaning they don’t have to catch up with their notes at the end of the day or reception doesn’t have to add them all in which can be a massive job.

Ability to add client alerts

Urgent or important information can also be added by Stylists/Therapists as they go so we don’t miss those crucial details that can make all the difference.

Digital Allergy/Skin Test Forms

Skin testing is an essential area to get right in the salon in order to safeguard your client’s health and protect you from being sued. The new forms along with the skin test date feature in Salon IQ provide the perfect methods to carry out and record your skin tests and again saves you having to keep paper records.

Client Images

A very underused resource that can offer a pictorial history with before and after looks of a client’s hair or skin. Having this available as a mobile option makes this now a usable facility that can also translate into social media if done well.

This is something any Salon IQ client can use but there are a few things to set up first to get going and you will need to make an investment into the tablets. However, the benefits could be huge as this method really helps to focus your Stylists/Therapists on their KPIs so should generate lots more income and get them busier.

For example if you increased your client visits per year by 10% and whilst also increasing your average bill by 10% this would give you over a 20% increase in annual turnover.

So you can see it could be money well invested.

It can be a big step for a salon to make however which is why I have created a half day course specifically designed to help Salon IQ clients with the transition from paper to digital.

I provide you with proven methods on how to integrate the Hub within your salon business to see a return on investment quickly using my half day course – Salon Touchpoint Communications

Ryan Fox is a Hair & Beauty Salon Consultant who works with Salon IQ clients to improve salon performance through training and innovation. His Touchpoint Communications Training is specifically designed for Salon IQ users and focuses on getting your team to identify opportunities to WOW the client and generate more income through better use of the technology.

This half day course is available at an introductory price of just £595 + vat & travel instead of £795 + vat & travel, bookings are limited to the first 5 salons at this price.

For more information or to book call Ryan on 07702 208 311 or visit www.umbrellaconsulting.co.uk 

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