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1 July 2016

Stay Ahead With Salon Technology – Salon-iQ Software Experts

It’s estimated that at least 50% of hair & beauty salons do not have computerised salon systems.  They rely on old-fashioned pen and paper to book their clients in for their hair cut, colour or beauty treatment! The reasons behind a salon owner’s decision not to invest in technology are varied but the majority will admit to:

  • A fear they will not understand or be able to use the system properly
  • Not enough time to spend learning how to use the technology
  • Concerns the system will break down and cause chaos in their salon
  • Worrying they cannot afford it.

With Salon-iQ you really do not have to worry!  Our aim is to give you a smart system that is easy to use.  We know you want a pain-free approach which is why we will set up your system and make sure you feel confident in how to use it.  We even have a knowledgeable and friendly help desk who are there to support you whenever you need it.

Say Goodbye to PCs and Hello to Cloud-Based Salon Systems

SALON TECHNOLOGY AT SALON IQ SOFTWARE expertsThe simple fact is that technology is changing the way you interact with your clients, so it is VITAL you update your systems if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

Salon-iQ has developed a new breed of salon software that offers multiple opportunities for salon owners. Our system gives salons a return on their investment, tracks salon clients and can automatically take action to encourage your clients to return more frequently and spend more. David Levine, who jointly runs Salon-iQ with Andrew Atherton, says: “In five to ten years people won’t be using personal computers.  We’ll see an increase in touch screen technology… Imagine a world where clients book their hair appointments from their smart phones or iPads and where stylists check their Apple watches to find out when their next client is due.” Software systems will be more sophisticated and cloud-based so you can access your information and keep an eye on your salon remotely from anywhere in the world.   They will have the ability to understand consumer patterns of behaviour so you can personalise your service and product recommendations to clients. When it comes to ordering products you’ll enjoy an automated supply chain system that tells you when and how much you need to re-stock. Running your team and keeping them motivated will become easier.  Imagine a holiday planning system that allows your stylists, colour technicians and beauty therapists to provisionally book their annual leave at the touch of a button – with no double bookings!

Many of these functions are already available at Salon-iQ.  All it takes for you to remain ahead of the rest is a simple phone call to the Salon-iQ team or leave a message via email via our Salon-iQ Contact page. Welcome to the next revolution in salon software!          

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