Gift Cards and Merchandising in your Salon

10 October 2017

Gift Cards

Gift Sets for sale in salons

Christmas shopping seems to get earlier and earlier each year. Already I have seen many retail stores with their Christmas gifts and box sets out on full display.

There is so much to organise for Christmas, it can feel quite daunting knowing where to start.

Have you got your Christmas gift sets on pr-order? If you haven’t don’t panic it’s not too late. Don’t delay! Contact your supplier now and find out what they are offering in the way of Christmas gifts this year. Many large suppliers will have a good deal on that you can take advantage of when purchasing a certain amount of sets or products.

It is key to ensure you display your Christmas gifts at the front of your salon or at a key vocal point where everyone will see them when they walk both in and out of your salon.A few salons I have been into recently have beautiful displays at reception, so clients see them throughout their visit.

It is thought that you need to have something in your vision 3 times to actually take notice of it. If you do have the space why not create an additional display directly in the centre of your salon for all to see?

Hair Salon Gift Cards

How to produce the best electronic Gift Cards

Gift cards, gift vouchers we love them and are a great gift , especially at Christmas time when you can hit the January sales.

There is always that one person we do not know what to buy for because they seem to have everything, right? So why not advertise your gift cards? This can be done in several ways.

Salon iQ use and recommend e-printing for personalised, professional gift cards. The have an array of design to choose from, plus you can upload your own images and logo keeping in with your salon branding and style.

Why Gift Cards:
They generate new business
They keep your clients returning to you
They can be given to anyone of any age
Clients are more than likely to spend more than the gift card value

If you have Salon iQ you can give your clients the option of purchasing a gift card from your website and have it send digitally on email or via post.
Advertise your gift cards on tour social media platforms – show them off, many of your clients will not know that you offer gift cards and may feel hesitant to ask about them
Why not send an email out to your client database to let them know you have gift cards available?
How about doing a gift card sale? Anyone who purchases a £50 gift card gets and extra £10 added on for FREE (or do this with a value that works for your business)

How to merchandise your hair or beauty salon 

You may stock the most perfect Christmas present but if it is not displayed correctly, you will find that they will still be sitting there in the New Year.

Tips of displaying your products so they get noticed.
1. Do not create really tall pyramids – As pretty as it looks, stacking boxes on top of each other is not a good idea. Your client is not going to want to touch or ruin the display, so they won’t buy it.
2. Price your products – You will be surprised how many people will not purchase something because they do not know the price.
3. Make sure the products are clean and dust free – There is nothing worse than picking something up off a shelf to see it in marks or covered in dust. If a box has been marked or dented contact your supplier and see if they will replace it for you
4. Eye level – make it easy for your clients to see what you have available, avoid the need for them to reach high or bend down too low
5. Keep it simple – we hate clutter, plus it can give us too much to look at and result in us feeling overwhelmed and walking away

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